League of Legends: Top 5 Easiest Mid Laners Champions
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League of Legends: Top 5 Easiest Mid Laners Champions

Mastering the mid lane in League of Legends is a formidable journey, demanding not just dedication but also a deep understanding of its intricacies. It's a path where the accumulation of experience, through countless matches across a myriad of champions, lays the foundation of expertise. However, even the most skilled players had to start somewhere, often by focusing on champions that are more forgiving and straightforward to play. This approach allows new players to grasp the fundamentals of the mid lane without being overwhelmed by complexity.

To embark on this journey more effectively, beginning with champions that are easier to manage can be incredibly beneficial. These champions serve as an excellent starting point, enabling players to hone their skills, familiarize themselves with the mid lane dynamics, and gradually progress to more challenging characters as they refine their strategies and gameplay understanding.

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1. Annie

Annie stands out as an ideal champion for beginners in League of Legends, offering a straightforward and user-friendly kit that makes mastering her mechanics less daunting. With her Ultimate, Tibbers, being her only skill shot—which boasts a generous area of effect—landing hits is considerably easier compared to other champions.

Choosing Annie as your gateway into the complexities of mid lane play is highly recommended for new players. She serves as an excellent primer on critical aspects of mid lane strategy, including effective trading with opponents, managing minion waves, and mastering the art of last-hitting for gold. Her simplicity does not only make the learning curve less steep but also allows players to focus on these fundamental skills, which are vital for success in the mid lane and beyond.

2. Lux

Lux occupies a unique position on the spectrum of beginner-friendly champions in League of Legends, blending simplicity with a slight edge in complexity. Her appeal lies in the user-friendly nature of her abilities, which are designed with generous radii, easing the process of targeting and hitting opponents. This accessibility makes executing her skills feel intuitive, even for those just starting out.

Moreover, Lux shines with her potent burst damage capabilities. Successfully landing her Light Binding (Q) can set the stage for a devastating combo that can eliminate adversaries swiftly. This potential for high impact plays adds an exciting layer of strategy for players learning the ropes.

In addition to her offensive prowess, Lux demonstrates exceptional wave-clearing ability with minimal itemization thanks to her Lucent Singularity (E). This ability not only deals significant early game damage but also becomes a central element of her kit as it's often prioritized for leveling up. This combination of ease of use, impactful burst damage, and efficient wave management makes Lux a compelling choice for newcomers aiming to navigate the complexities of mid lane gameplay with confidence.

3. Ziggs

Ziggs stands out as an exceptional choice for players looking to exert influence over the game's pace through objective control and lane pressure. His unique ability to demolish towers with his Satchel Charge (W) before their health completely depletes sets him apart from the roster, offering strategic advantages in pushing lanes and securing objectives faster than his counterparts.

His prowess extends to wave management, where his Bouncing Bomb (Q) and Hexplosive Minefield (E) provide him with exceptional wave clear capabilities. After acquiring his initial item components, Ziggs can effortlessly dispatch minion waves, maintaining constant pressure on his lane opponent and restricting their ability to roam freely.

Moreover, Ziggs' Short Fuse (Passive) enhances his trading potential in lane. This passive ability boosts the power of his next basic attack, allowing him to outmaneuver and outdamage many adversaries in direct confrontations. This combination of tower-razing efficiency, superior wave clear, and enhanced trading power makes Ziggs a formidable presence in the mid lane, adept at shaping the battlefield to his team's advantage.

4. Veigar

Veigar epitomizes simplicity in League of Legends, with a gameplay style that revolves around effectively utilizing his Baleful Strike (Q) during the laning phase. The primary goal when playing Veigar is to amass Ability Power (AP) stacks through his Q, which not only amplifies his damage output significantly but also scales his abilities to become more formidable as the game progresses.

Beyond his straightforward Q mechanic, Veigar also possesses a potent defensive mechanism in his Event Horizon (E), often referred to as "the cage." This ability serves multiple purposes: it can deter enemy all-ins, thwart gank attempts, and even facilitate setups for allied jungler interventions. This versatility makes Veigar a resilient mid laner despite his apparent vulnerability.

The key to excelling with Veigar lies in navigating his main weakness: a distinct lack of mobility. However, once players adapt to positioning strategically and leveraging his cage for protection, Veigar reveals himself as an incredibly rewarding champion. His capability to obliterate squishy targets with a single combo in the later stages of a match underscores his potential to turn the tide of engagements, making him a formidable force worth mastering for those looking to dominate the mid lane.

5. Malzahar

Malzahar is celebrated for his exceptional wave-clearing abilities, enabling him to efficiently manage minion waves with his Call of the Void (Q) and Malefic Visions (E). These abilities not only facilitate aggressive lane pushing but also allow him to simultaneously harass his lane opponent, making him a dual threat in lane.

Following the acquisition of his Nether Grasp (Ultimate) at level 6, Malzahar's capacity to secure kills or create ganking opportunities significantly increases. His Ultimate is a point-and-click ability, making it an invaluable tool for players who are still mastering mid lane gameplay. This straightforward mechanic ensures that Malzahar can reliably target and incapacitate key opponents during crucial moments, without the need for precise skill shot accuracy.

Moreover, Malzahar is equipped with a passive shield, Void Shift, which grants him a layer of resilience against incoming damage. This shield not only provides a buffer against initial bursts of damage but also offers a strategic advantage in navigating even the most challenging matchups. Through this blend of potent wave clear, reliable crowd control, and defensive capabilities, Malzahar presents himself as an adept choice for those looking to control the mid lane with confidence and strategic depth.


Embarking on the journey of mastering the mid lane in League of Legends is a venture that requires patience, strategy, and a willingness to learn. The champions Annie, Lux, Ziggs, Veigar, and Malzahar stand out as particularly accessible options for newcomers to this pivotal role. Each of these champions offers a unique set of abilities that not only introduce players to the fundamental mechanics of the mid lane but also provide the tools necessary to practice and improve upon essential skills such as wave management, trading, and objective control.

By starting with these champions, players can gradually build a solid foundation, understanding the nuances of the mid lane while minimizing the frustration that often accompanies the steep learning curve of more complex characters. Moreover, the simplicity of these champions allows players to focus on broader game strategies and map awareness, laying the groundwork for advanced gameplay and decision-making.

As players progress and become more comfortable with these easier champions, they will find themselves well-equipped to explore the vast array of characters League of Legends has to offer, each with their own unique challenges and playstyles. Ultimately, the journey from novice to skilled mid laner is one of constant learning and adaptation, and embracing these beginner-friendly champions is a crucial step on the path to becoming a formidable presence in the heart of Summoner's Rift.

Posted On: February 21st, 2024

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