League of Legends Season 14: New Runan's Hurricane Rework
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League of Legends Season 14: New Runan's Hurricane Rework

The League of Legends community is abuzz with the recent, radical transformation of Runan's Hurricane, courtesy of Riot Games. This modification, revealed in the latest PBE update, has dramatically disrupted the status quo, sparking intense curiosity and speculation among players.

In an unprecedented move, Runan's Hurricane has been adapted for use by melee champions, introducing a thrilling twist to the established meta. The change notably enhances the strategic value of certain champions, such as Tryndamere with his Rage ability and Master Yi with his on-hit cooldown reduction, by allowing them to leverage the item's benefits.
This discussion aims to unpack the ramifications of this game-altering update, shedding light on how it might reshape interactions and strategies on the battlefield.

Runan's Hurricane Expands to Melee Champions now

In a groundbreaking update, Runan's Hurricane, previously a staple in the arsenal of ranged champions, now extends its reach to include melee fighters. This significant evolution of the item breaks traditional boundaries, allowing melee champions to harness its power.

A notable enhancement ensures that the item's bolts now project a minimum range of 350. This adaptation is specifically designed to accommodate the naturally shorter reach of melee champions, enabling them to deploy the item's bolt mechanic effectively against adversaries in their immediate vicinity.
Furthermore, this revamped version of Runan's Hurricane is now fully compatible with on-hit effects. This adjustment unlocks a host of innovative and potentially meta-defining synergies for a wide array of champions, promising to introduce a fresh dynamic to gameplay strategies.

Champions That Can benefit by These Runan's Hurricane Changes

The latest update to Runan's Hurricane has opened the door for melee champions to explore and exploit its enhanced capabilities, reshaping the battlefield dynamics significantly. With its unique property adjustments, certain melee champions stand to gain considerable advantages, potentially altering their impact in the game. Below, we delve into a few champions poised to excel with this item's revamped mechanics:

  • Katarina: The reimagined Runan's Hurricane complements Katarina's whirlwind of blades perfectly. The addition of Runan bolts to her ultimate amplifies her burst damage output, enabling her to target multiple foes with her lethal barrage and escalate her assassination potential.
  • Master Yi: Master Yi's prowess is magnified with this item, transforming him into a more daunting adversary. The synergy between his passive and the hurricane's bolts drastically lowers his Q's cooldown, enhancing his agility and lethality in combat scenarios.
  • Tryndamere: For Tryndamere, the reworked item is a boon, augmenting his rage accumulation. This rapid fury generation bolsters his combat abilities, increasing his threat level during duels and extended engagements.
  • Shyvana: Shyvana's draconian might receives a significant boost from Runan's Hurricane. The item's interaction with her Q reduces cooldown times, facilitating a barrage of powerful melee attacks that can decimate foes in her path.

It's crucial to recognize that the item's benefits vary across the champion spectrum. Certain champions, like Darius and Jax, may not see their passive abilities enhanced by the additional Runan attacks, underscoring the importance of strategic item selection tailored to each champion's kit and combat style.

The recent expansion of Runan's Hurricane's accessibility to melee champions heralds an exhilarating new chapter in League of Legends gameplay. Currently in the evaluation phase, the item's integration is closely monitored, with adjustments likely on the horizon based on player insights. This period offers an exceptional opportunity for players to pioneer innovative tactics and team setups, fully leveraging the potential of this transformative item.


Does Runan's Hurricane changes will be a new problem for the balance team?

The integration of Runan's Hurricane for melee champions could indeed present a unique challenge for the balance team at League of Legends. By extending this item's capabilities beyond its traditional ranged champion use, Riot Games opens up a plethora of new gameplay dynamics and strategic possibilities. This change has the potential to significantly shift the meta, affecting champion viability, team compositions, and overall gameplay balance.

Historically, items that dramatically alter the mechanics of basic attacks or significantly enhance champion abilities have required careful monitoring and adjustment to maintain competitive fairness and diversity. The balance team will likely need to keep a close watch on the impact of this rework, ready to implement changes to ensure that no single champion or strategy becomes overwhelmingly dominant.

Balancing an item like Runan's Hurricane in a game as complex and ever-evolving as League of Legends is a formidable task. The team must consider a wide array of factors, including its interactions with various champions' abilities, its impact on different phases of the game (early, mid, late), and its influence on the broader meta. Moreover, feedback from the player community will be crucial in identifying any unforeseen issues or imbalances.

should riot revert the Runan's Hurricane changes and only keep it for ranged champions?

Whether Riot Games should revert the changes to Runan's Hurricane and restrict it exclusively to ranged champions depends on several key factors, including the overall impact on game balance, player feedback, and the diversity of viable strategies and champion selections. Here are some considerations:

  • Game Balance: If the inclusion of melee champions leads to significant imbalances, overpowering certain champions or strategies disproportionately, it might warrant reconsideration. Balancing the game is crucial for ensuring that no single item or champion combination overshadows others, maintaining a diverse and healthy competitive environment.
  • Player Feedback: The response from the League of Legends community is vital. If a majority of players find the change disrupts the enjoyment of the game or leads to unfun interactions, Riot may need to reassess the decision. Community feedback often plays a crucial role in guiding game development and balance adjustments.
  • Strategic Diversity: The goal of introducing new item interactions is typically to increase the variety of viable playstyles and champion builds. If the change to Runan's Hurricane instead narrows the strategic options—making a few champions or builds overwhelmingly dominant—it might not serve its intended purpose.
  • Testing and Data Analysis: It's important for Riot to collect and analyze data from both public and competitive play to understand the full impact of the change. Short-term reactions may not fully capture the long-term effects on the game's meta and balance. Adequate testing time allows for informed decision-making.
  • Potential for Future Adjustments: Instead of a full reversal, Riot could explore adjustments to the item's mechanics for melee champions, such as tweaking the effects, stats, or interaction with specific abilities. This approach allows for fine-tuning the balance without completely removing the new strategic possibilities introduced by the change.

Ultimately, the decision to revert the changes should be based on a comprehensive evaluation of these factors. Riot's priority is likely to ensure that League of Legends remains a balanced, enjoyable, and strategically rich game for players at all levels. If the adaptation of Runan's Hurricane to melee champions aligns with these goals, it could be retained with or without modifications. Otherwise, a revert to its original ranged-only restriction could be the most appropriate course of action.


The integration of Runan's Hurricane into the arsenal of melee champions marks a bold and innovative shift in the itemization strategy within League of Legends. While this move has the potential to refresh the game's meta and introduce new layers of tactical depth, it also presents a significant challenge for Riot Games' balance team. The key to this change's success lies in carefully monitoring its impact on gameplay, ensuring it enhances rather than disrupts the competitive balance and diversity that League of Legends is known for.

As Riot navigates through player feedback, statistical data, and competitive play analysis, the future of Runan's Hurricane—whether it remains a versatile option for both melee and ranged champions or reverts to its original ranged-only status—will depend on its ability to contribute positively to the game's overall health and enjoyment. Regardless of the outcome, this bold experiment underscores Riot's commitment to evolving the game, seeking innovative ways to engage the player base, and maintaining League of Legends' position at the forefront of the esports scene.

Posted On: February 26th, 2024

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