Rocket League: Controller VS Keyboard, Which is better?
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Rocket League: Controller VS Keyboard, Which is better?

The debate between using a controller or keyboard for Rocket League continues to spark discussion among gamers. This high-octane hybrid of arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem offers unique challenges that might be better tackled by one control scheme over the other.

In this guide, we'll dive into the merits and drawbacks of both control methods in Rocket League to help you make an informed decision about which is best suited for your play style. Whether you're maneuvering for an aerial goal or defending your turf on the Rocket League pitch, understanding the nuances of each control option is key.

Let's break down the pros and cons of using a controller versus a keyboard in Rocket League. And if you're considering changing your setup or need some expert guidance, consider teaming up with a professional from 1v9—don't forget to use the discount code "1v9er" to save 20% on your session.

What is this Keyboard vs Controller Debate, and why does it matter?

Rocket League, a unique blend of high-speed vehicular action and soccer strategy, has captivated a vast audience with its innovative gameplay. This competitive multiplayer game has grown immensely popular, featuring rocket-powered cars that players use to knock a giant ball into the opposing team's goal. The game's distinct approach to the sports genre has not only made it a standout title but also a staple in the competitive gaming community.

Rocket League has a Competitive Multiplayer

Rocket League stands out as a unique competitive multiplayer video game that has dramatically surged in popularity since its debut. In this innovative game, players control small vehicles that are used to play soccer, combining driving skills with team-based sports strategy. Although the concept might seem unconventional at first, Rocket League has carved a niche for itself and become widely recognized for its fresh, dynamic approach to the sports gaming genre.

Deciding between KBM and the Controller will determine everything

Choosing between a keyboard and mouse (KBM) setup and a controller is a critical decision in Rocket League that can significantly impact your gameplay. Given the game's steep learning curve and highly competitive nature, it's essential to select the control method that best suits your style and stick with it, as switching between controls after mastering one can be detrimental. Here’s what you need to consider before making your choice:

Controller: Pros and Cons

Using a controller in Rocket League offers distinct advantages and some challenges. Here’s a breakdown to help you weigh your options:


  • Ergonomic Design: Controllers are designed for ease of use, packing all necessary commands into one compact device. This setup allows for quick reactions and a seamless gaming experience, which is crucial during intense matches.
  • Simplified Controls: Controllers require fewer inputs for movement—using a joystick for directional control instead of multiple keys on a keyboard. This simplifies gameplay, making it easier to execute quick and precise maneuvers.
  • Enhanced Precision and Maneuverability: The joystick on a controller provides fluid motion and greater control, particularly noticeable when managing ball control in mid-air. Unlike a keyboard's limited directional keys, a joystick offers a full range of movement, allowing for more nuanced and precise gameplay.


  • Higher Cost: Controllers can be more expensive than a standard keyboard and mouse setup. For PC gamers who might not already own a controller, this is an additional investment.
  • Steep Learning Curve: For those not accustomed to using a controller, there can be a significant learning period. Mastering the nuances of controller gameplay in Rocket League takes practice and patience.
  • Dependence on Battery Life and Connectivity: Most modern controllers are wireless and rely on batteries, which can introduce issues like unexpected disconnections during gameplay if not properly charged. This need for constant power and stable connectivity can be a drawback for players who prefer uninterrupted play.

These insights should help you determine if a controller is the right choice for your Rocket League setup, considering both its operational benefits and potential drawbacks.

Keyboard: Pros and Cons

Navigating Rocket League with a keyboard and mouse offers a unique set of benefits and challenges compared to a controller. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons:


  • Enhanced Customization: Keyboards offer extensive customization options, with a plethora of keys at your disposal. You can assign specific functions to keys that best suit your play style, providing a tailored gaming experience that controllers might not match in versatility.
  • Ubiquity and Cost-Effectiveness: Keyboards are a staple in most computer setups and serve multiple purposes beyond gaming, making them a more economical choice. They are generally more accessible and cheaper than purchasing a separate gaming controller, especially if you're primarily a PC user.
  • Reliable Connectivity: Unlike many modern controllers that rely on wireless connections, keyboards often come with wired options. These provide a stable connection without the risk of disconnections during crucial moments, ensuring consistent communication between the game and your inputs.


  • Limited Mobility: While keyboards allow for extensive customization, they inherently lack the fluidity and range of motion provided by a controller’s joystick. This can make precise maneuvers more challenging, particularly in a fast-paced game like Rocket League.
  • Clunky Steering Controls: Steering with a keyboard can be less intuitive and fluid compared to a controller. The binary nature of keyboard keys (either pressed or not) doesn't allow for the gradual movements that analog controls on controllers offer, potentially leading to less smooth and responsive steering.
  • Ergonomic Concerns: Long gaming sessions with a keyboard and mouse can be more physically demanding than using a controller. The layout and required hand positioning can lead to strain and discomfort, potentially affecting gameplay performance and overall comfort.

Considering these aspects can help you decide if the keyboard and mouse setup aligns with your gaming needs and preferences in Rocket League.


Choosing between a controller and a keyboard for playing Rocket League comes down to personal preference and play style. Each option offers unique advantages that cater to different aspects of gameplay. Controllers provide precision, fluidity, and comfort, making them ideal for those who value smooth, responsive movements. On the other hand, keyboards offer superior customization and reliability, suited for players who prioritize extensive control options and stable connectivity. Consider your priorities, such as ease of use, cost, and the specific demands of your gameplay, to make the best choice for your Rocket League experience. Whether you opt for the traditional feel of a controller or the customizable nature of a keyboard, mastering your chosen input device will elevate your performance on the field.

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