League of Legends Season 14: Rek’Sai Getting a Bruiser Rework?
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League of Legends Season 14: Rek’Sai Getting a Bruiser Rework?

Riot Games is shining the spotlight on Rek'Sai, the Void Burrower, with a focused mid-scope rework aimed at refining her gameplay. This transformative approach seeks to transition Rek’Sai from the role of a precarious one-shot predator to that of a durable bruiser, capable of enduring and thriving in prolonged team engagements.

This shift in strategy reflects an intention to revisit and revitalize Rek'Sai's original playstyle, steering her away from reliance on high AD builds towards a more resilient, tank-oriented approach. With each of her abilities undergoing adjustments, the rework focuses on promoting a gameplay style that rewards sustainability and versatility on the battlefield.

Let's delve into the comprehensive details of these changes to uncover the evolving path Riot Games envisions for Rek'Sai, as we explore how these adjustments aim to reshape her impact within the game.

Health and Movespeed Adjustments

To enhance her durability in the fray, Rek'Sai's adjustments include an uplift in her health growth with each level, reinforcing her presence in skirmishes and team fights. This enhancement, however, is balanced by a decrease in both her base health regeneration and the rate at which this regeneration grows. Complementing her fortified endurance, Rek'Sai's agility receives a significant enhancement, with her movement speed receiving a boost, elevating from 335 to 340. This change not only bolsters her resilience but also her maneuverability, making her a more formidable force on the battlefield.

Passive and Healing Rework

Rek'Sai's passive ability is set to undergo a significant transformation, with the new mechanism designed to scale its healing effects based on her total health. This shift marks a departure from a static base healing rate to a dynamic model that rewards investments in tank-oriented builds, amplifying her sustainability in combat. Alongside this enhancement, there's a strategic tweak to her Fury generation—Fury gained from striking minions will be reduced by half. This change is intended to motivate players to explore alternative avenues for generating Fury, thereby diversifying Rek'Sai's engagement strategy and making her gameplay more nuanced.

Rek'Sai's Abilities Adjustments

The comprehensive adjustments to Rek'Sai's kit are pivotal to her evolution into a more resilient bruiser role. Let's delve into the specifics of these ability modifications:

Queen's Wrath (Q)

Modifications to Rek'Sai's Q ability are twofold, enhancing her combat effectiveness significantly. In her unburrowed form, activating Queen's Wrath now bestows a pronounced increase in attack speed, enabling faster successive strikes that can turn the tide of battle. On the flip side, the burrowed version undergoes a strategic shift, with its output changing from physical to magical damage. This is complemented by a recalibration of its base AD scaling and AD ratio, aiming to diversify her damage profile. Additionally, its cooldown is unified across all ranks to a consistent 10 seconds, ensuring more predictable and dependable use in skirmishes.

Burrow (W)

The adjustments to Rek'Sai's W, Burrow, refine her mobility and strategic positioning capabilities. The bonus movement speed now scales with the ability's rank, which, when paired with her enhanced base movement speed, significantly boosts her late-game roaming and engagement agility. Moreover, the modification to the vision loss penalty when burrowed enhances Rek'Sai's environmental perception, allowing for better decision-making and positioning in the heat of battle. These changes collectively aim to elevate Rek'Sai's utility and threat level across various stages of the game.

Furious Bite (E)

A significant overhaul to Rek'Sai's Furious Bite (E) reduces its cooldown, providing her with more frequent use in engagements. The conversion of its damage type from physical to magical, now scaling with AD rather than AP, introduces a strategic pivot in her damage output. Crucially, at full Fury, the ability now inflicts damage based on the target's maximum health, injecting a new layer of tactical depth to her kit and enhancing her effectiveness against a wider range of foes.

Void Rush (Ultimate)

The adjustments to Rek'Sai's ultimate, Void Rush, primarily manifest through a decrease in its base AD ratio. This change signals a broader reevaluation of the ability's role within her kit, with further modifications possibly on the horizon as Riot Games continues to refine her gameplay based on player feedback.

Community Anticipation

These impending updates represent a pivotal evolution in Rek'Sai's gameplay identity, with the aim of cementing her place as a durable, impactful presence in team conflicts. The League of Legends community, especially players who specialize in Rek'Sai, are keen to assess the practical impact of these changes.

As this rework progresses towards its public release, anticipation builds within the League community. Observers and players alike are curious to witness the reinvigoration of this beloved season 4 champion, hopeful that the adjustments will usher in a new era for Rek'Sai as a competitive and versatile bruiser. This period of anticipation and experimentation will be critical in shaping her role in the ever-evolving landscape of League of Legends.


The forthcoming rework of Rek’Sai, the Void Burrower, signifies a pivotal moment in the champion’s history within League of Legends. By shifting her from a fragile assassin to a durable bruiser, Riot Games aims to breathe new life into her gameplay, making her a more versatile and sustainable force in team engagements. The adjustments across her abilities, from enhanced mobility and situational awareness to a strategic shift in damage output and scaling, are designed to elevate her performance and adaptability on the battlefield.

As these changes are rolled out, the League of Legends community, particularly those who have mastered or struggled against Rek’Sai, will undoubtedly scrutinize the impact of these modifications. The success of this rework hinges not only on its ability to rebalance Rek’Sai within the current meta but also on its capacity to enrich the gameplay experience for both Rek’Sai players and their opponents.

As we await the full implementation of these changes, the anticipation among players signals a collective eagerness to explore the renewed potential of Rek’Sai. Whether these adjustments will indeed solidify her status as a formidable tanky bruiser remains to be seen, but the direction Riot Games is taking with this rework promises an exciting new chapter for one of League’s most iconic champions. The evolution of Rek’Sai reflects a broader commitment to dynamic gameplay and champion diversity, ensuring that the League of Legends landscape remains vibrant and competitive.

Posted On: February 9th, 2024

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