League of Legends Season 14: New Corki Mini Rework Unveiled
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League of Legends Season 14: New Corki Mini Rework Unveiled

In the dynamic universe of League of Legends, adaptation is paramount. As we sail into Patch 14.10, Corki, the audacious yordle aviator, sees a compelling overhaul that promises to reshape his battle tactics. This mini-rework introduces a blend of enhancements and adjustments that will require Corki players to re-think their approach to the game.

The most notable change coming from the Public Beta Environment (PBE) is the modification to Corki's iconic Package ability. The old version of the Package has been swapped out for a new feature that adds bonus true damage to his auto attacks, enhancing his steady damage output in skirmishes and team fights. Additionally, his Missile Barrage has been fine-tuned for better speed and impact, although it now demands more judicious usage due to increased cooldowns and ammo restrictions.

Moreover, the Gatling Gun has been tweaked to offer more effective armor and magic resist shredding capabilities, despite some reductions in its base damage. This adjustment nudges Corki towards a more tactical role in engagements, where timing and precision will be key to maximizing his contribution.

These strategic modifications to Corki’s kit are set to introduce fresh dynamics on the Rift. Let’s explore how these changes will influence Corki's gameplay and what players can expect as they adapt to this new era of aerial combat.

Passive Overhaul

Patch 14.10 marks a significant evolution for Corki, transforming his combat dynamics with a major passive overhaul. Gone is his signature ability, The Package. In its place, Corki now enjoys a robust enhancement to his auto attacks, gaining an additional 15% bonus true damage, which also applies to hits augmented by Sheen. This change aims to bolster Corki's damage per second (DPS) consistently across all phases of the game, ensuring that he remains a formidable force in continuous combat scenarios.

Q - Phosphorous Bomb

In the latest update, Corki's Q ability, Phosphorous Bomb, receives a notable boost. The projectile speed has been increased, allowing for quicker and more reliable hits. Additionally, its attack damage (AD) ratio has been enhanced, and the mana cost has been lowered, making it more efficient to use. These adjustments are complemented by a tweak to the cooldown, which has been optimized to offer Corki more tactical versatility and increased damage potential during engagements.

W - Valkyrie

In Patch 14.10, Corki's W ability, Valkyrie, sees significant enhancements. This key maneuver, utilized for both engaging and escaping, now delivers increased damage, making it a more potent element of Corki's arsenal. Accompanying the damage boost are visual upgrades, with new particle effects that enhance the visual flair of Corki's aerial escapades. It's important to note that with the removal of The Package, the special delivery variant of Valkyrie has been retired, streamlining Corki's gameplay around this revamped ability.

E - Gatling Gun

Patch 14.10 brings a substantial rework to Corki's E ability, Gatling Gun. This update enhances the ability's utility by reducing its cooldown and improving both the maximum shred cap and the rate at which it shreds enemy armor and magic resistance. To maintain balance with these buffs, the base damage and attack damage (AD) ratio of Gatling Gun have been slightly reduced. These changes are designed to boost Corki’s capacity for sustained damage in prolonged fights while ensuring the ability remains balanced within his overall kit.

R - Missile Barrage

Corki's ultimate, Missile Barrage, sees a comprehensive revamp in Patch 14.10. The ability now scales differently, with an increase in ammo availability as it levels up, enhancing the frequency with which Corki can launch his characteristic missiles. To keep the gameplay balanced, adjustments have been made to both the recharge rate and the maximum ammo capacity.

In an innovative twist, Corki's missiles now grant ammo refunds when his auto attacks hit enemy champions, rewarding precision and tactical play. Although the mana cost for Missile Barrage has been slightly raised, the base physical damage has been enhanced, significantly boosting Corki's ability to harass and chip away at opponents in fights.

Moreover, the bonus AD scaling of Missile Barrage is now consistent across all ranks. This change encourages players to think more carefully about their build choices throughout the game, adapting their strategy to maximize effectiveness.


Patch 14.10 introduces a suite of transformative updates to Corki, significantly altering his gameplay mechanics and strategic value on the Rift. From the complete rework of his passive to nuanced changes in his core abilities, these adjustments are designed to enhance Corki's damage output and utility in various phases of the game. The removal of The Package and the revisions to abilities like Valkyrie and Missile Barrage reflect a shift towards a more consistent and strategically demanding playstyle. Corki players will need to adapt to these changes, leveraging the new mechanics to maximize his potential. Overall, these updates promise to refresh Corki's role in League of Legends, potentially elevating him to a new competitive prominence.

Posted On: May 1st, 2024

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