League of Legends Season 14: The Best Support Champions
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League of Legends Season 14: The Best Support Champions

As 2023 draws to a close, League of Legends enthusiasts are ushered into a brand new Season. The onset of 2024 brings with it Season 14, a season teeming with significant updates including champion modifications, a balance of buffs and nerfs, the introduction of new items, and substantial changes to the game's map.
In this 1v9 article, we're diving into the top 5 Support champions poised to dominate in Patch 14.1. These picks are tailored to give you the strongest start in the new Season. For additional insights, including matchup strategies and more, make sure to check out our detailed blogposts

1) Thresh

Thresh remains a top-tier Support choice in League of Legends Season 14, offering a rewarding gameplay experience for those who master his complexities. His effectiveness shines through in most matchups, where a well-placed hook on an enemy ADC or Support can decisively swing the lane in your favor.
The key to Thresh's prowess lies in his highly adaptable kit. He boasts a range of crowd control (CC) abilities that can immobilize opponents, disrupting their strategies. Additionally, Thresh's lantern is a crucial tool for safeguarding allies, providing both protection and strategic repositioning. As the game progresses, Thresh's tankiness increases, enhancing his durability in skirmishes.
What truly sets Thresh apart is his exceptional capability as a pick champion. Successfully landing multiple hooks can often signal a premature end for the opposing laners, effectively tipping the scales towards a victorious outcome. His skillset not only offers direct combat advantages but also opens up opportunities for team plays and map control, making him a formidable presence in the support role.

2) Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank stands out as an exceptional Support champion in League of Legends Season 14, particularly due to his play-making and pick potential. His prowess with hooks aligns well with the game's emphasis on champions who can initiate plays and secure valuable picks, making him a highly effective choice in the current meta.
One of Blitzcrank's greatest strengths is his roaming capability. This aspect of his gameplay is especially vital in Season 14's first patch. The strategy involves moving around the map in tandem with your Jungler and aiding other lanes. This roaming approach is effective as long as your ADC is capable of maintaining safety solo in the bottom lane. By constantly roaming, Blitzcrank can exert significant pressure across the map, disrupting the enemy's plans and creating advantageous situations for his team.
Blitzcrank's ability to swiftly change the course of the game with a single well-aimed hook makes him a formidable force. His presence on the map instills a sense of constant threat among opponents, as he can emerge unexpectedly to turn the tide of any skirmish. This ability to influence the game beyond just the bottom lane establishes Blitzcrank as one of the top Support choices in the current season.

3) Sona

Sona, often overlooked in the League of Legends support roster, emerges as a potent choice in Season 14, especially in Patch 14.1. Her strengths lie in her multifaceted abilities, which offer sustained healing, crowd control (CC), and the capability to augment her allies' survivability and damage output during team fights. The versatility and impact of Sona's kit are frequently underappreciated.
The key to excelling with Sona is to navigate her vulnerability effectively. Mastery of Sona involves strategic positioning and awareness, ensuring she can contribute to fights without becoming an easy target. Her strength shines in her ability to make calculated trades against enemies. This means minimizing the damage she receives while maximizing the damage she inflicts. Efficient trading with Sona can often tilt the scales in your favor during lane phase confrontations.
Sona's ultimate, a high-impact CC ability, is central to her gameplay. Utilizing it effectively can secure multiple kills in the bottom lane, giving your team a significant advantage. A proficient Sona player knows how to sync her ultimate with team engagements, turning potentially adverse situations into victorious outcomes. By leveraging her sustain, damage, and CC, Sona can be a quietly dominant force in the support role, making her a valuable pick for players looking to climb the ranks in the new season.

4) Senna

Senna has consistently proven herself as a formidable Support, especially towards the latter part of Season 13 in League of Legends. As we transition into Season 14, particularly Patch 14.1, she stands out as an excellent pick due to her ability to exploit overextended enemies with her strong poke and superior trading capabilities.
Ideal for players who favor an aggressive playstyle, Senna requires an assertive approach to maximize her potential. Her Q ability and auto-attacks are pivotal in her kit, allowing her to relentlessly pressure opponents. Her prowess lies in her capacity to wear down enemies, harassing them relentlessly whenever they attempt to last hit. This continuous pressure can significantly hinder the enemy laner's ability to farm effectively, giving Senna and her ADC a distinct advantage in lane control and economic growth.
Beyond her lane dominance, Senna is also adept at roaming. Her ability to either counter enemy roams or initiate roams herself makes her a versatile asset on the map. With her, you can extend your influence beyond the bottom lane, providing crucial support to other areas and tipping the scales in skirmishes or objective controls. Her combination of lane aggression and roaming proficiency makes Senna a top-tier support pick for those looking to make a substantial impact in their games.

5) Soraka

Soraka concludes our list as a somewhat secret powerhouse in the current League of Legends meta. Her presence in Season 14, especially in Patch 14.1, is marked by an abundance of utility and strength, which she leverages to bolster her allies during all phases of the game.
One of Soraka's most notable advantages is her versatility in countering various matchups. She possesses the capability to either hold her ground or often emerge victorious in lane, depending on the specific matchup dynamics. This flexibility allows her to adapt to a wide range of opposing lane strategies, making her a reliable pick in many situations.
Post-level 6, Soraka's influence magnifies with her global Ultimate. This ability is a game-changer, offering the potential to drastically alter the course of engagements across the map. Her Ultimate is not just a tool for healing; it's a lifeline that can be the difference between an ally's narrow escape and a fatal collapse. This global presence means that even when Soraka is confined to her lane, her impact can be felt in every corner of the map.
The strategic use of Soraka's Ultimate, combined with her ability to counter various opponents, makes her an invaluable asset in team compositions. Her healing and global influence make her particularly effective in prolonged engagements, where her sustained support can continuously tilt the balance in her team's favor. As a result, Soraka stands out as a hidden gem among support champions, offering a unique blend of lane strength and global utility.


In conclusion, as we delve into Season 14, Patch 14.1 of League of Legends, the support role continues to be a pivotal aspect of team dynamics. Champions like Thresh, Blitzcrank, Sona, Senna, and Soraka each bring unique strengths to the table. Thresh and Blitzcrank dominate with their game-changing hooks, Sona and Soraka provide unmatched sustain and utility, while Senna offers aggressive lane pressure and roaming capabilities.
The diversity in their playstyles caters to a wide range of strategies, allowing players to choose a champion that best fits their personal playstyle and team composition. Whether you prefer the aggressive playmaking of Thresh and Blitzcrank, the sustaining power of Sona and Soraka, or the balanced aggression and support of Senna, there's a champion for every support player looking to make an impact in Season 14.
As the meta evolves, these champions are poised to make significant contributions to their teams, whether through lane dominance, global presence, or team fight utility. Mastering any of these supports can lead to a rewarding climb in the ranks, and understanding their strengths and weaknesses is key to maximizing their potential in-game. Happy climbing in Season 14!

Posted On: January 17th, 2024

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