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What Are The Best Items for Season 14? - League Of Legends

The dawn of Season 14 in League of Legends heralds a wave of refreshing updates, including the introduction of innovative items and the enhancement of existing ones, perfectly aligning with the evolving meta. These changes have not only revitalized underappreciated champions but also amplified the prowess of fan favorites, ensuring a dynamic and engaging gameplay experience.
In this guide, we'll explore eight standout items of Season 14 that are essential additions to your arsenal, irrespective of your champion choice. These items have been meticulously selected for their widespread applicability and the significant enhancements or buffs they've received, making them game-changers in the current season.

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These Items are items ready for 1v9 the Summoner's Rift

The landscape of Summoner's Rift in Season 14 has been transformed by a mix of innovative and classic items, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the dynamics of gameplay. With the introduction of new items and the enhancement of existing favorites, players now have a wealth of options to tailor their strategies and champion builds. Whether you're climbing the ranks or honing your skills, the right selection of items can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Here's a curated list of items that stand out this season, offering unique benefits and synergies for a variety of game plans and champions:


This AP-centric item is a boon for mages, boasting an impressive 100 ability power, 10 magic penetration, and a 5% speed increase. Stormsurge not only enhances your offensive capabilities but also includes a unique passive that maximizes its value, making it a must-have in any mage's arsenal. Its combination of raw power and mobility enhancement can turn a well-positioned mage into a devastating force on the battlefield.

Celestial Opposition

As a legendary item tailored for support, Celestial Opposition has undergone significant upgrades, including a game-changing new passive. Ideal for tank and some ranged supports, this item fortifies your champion with 200 health, 75% health regeneration, and 75% base mana regeneration. It's designed to bolster your survivability, making you a formidable ally in any engagement.


This support item is a game-changer, featuring extraordinary stats and the powerful Spellblade passive. Spellblade significantly amplifies your damage output following a basic attack, with a mere 1.5-second cooldown. Bloodsong's exceptional damage potential makes it a lethal choice for support champions focused on offense, offering unparalleled damage output that rivals that of some carry champions.

Frozen Heart

A quintessential item for tanks, Frozen Heart excels in both tank and support builds. Its cost-efficiency and the substantial defensive benefits it provides make it an indispensable part of any build focused on durability and defense. When paired with Bloodsong, it creates a formidable combination that can render your champion nearly unstoppable, embodying the perfect blend of offense and defense for tank-oriented champions.

Sundered Sky

Tailor-made for the aggressive playstyles of bruisers and fighters, Sundered Sky stands out with its exceptional offensive capabilities. It not only grants a significant boost to attack damage and health but also incorporates critical damage enhancement and bonus healing. This combination of attributes makes it an indispensable tool for champions that thrive in the fray, ensuring they can sustain themselves while dishing out considerable damage.

Voltaic Cyclosword

Dominating the lethality gear category, the Voltaic Cyclosword is a nightmare for lightly-armored adversaries. It enhances an attack-based champion's arsenal with a potent mix of attack damage, ability haste, and lethality. The item's passive further escalates its threat level by offering bonus physical damage and a speed boost, making it exceptionally effective in taking down melee and squishy targets alike.


A quintessential pick for melee champions seeking dominance in skirmishes, Trailblazer enhances survivability and mobility. It combines health, movement speed, and armor, with a passive that significantly increases movement speed when fully stacked. This item is designed to bolster the offensive and defensive capabilities of melee fighters, ensuring they remain formidable contenders throughout the game.

Liandry's Torment

Despite recent nerfs, Liandry's Torment maintains its status as a formidable option for magic-reliant champions. Specializing in dealing sustained magic damage, it excels against tanky opponents and those with substantial health pools. While its potency may have been dialed back, in combination with the right suite of AP and support items, Liandry's Torment can still be a valuable asset in the appropriate contexts, offering strategic depth to those who wield it effectively.


These items represent the forefront of strategic itemization in Season 14, providing players with the tools needed to tailor their champions to the evolving demands of Summoner’s Rift. Whether seeking to overpower foes through brute force or outmaneuver them with speed and agility, the right choice of items can significantly amplify a champion's effectiveness in their quest for victory.

Posted On: February 2nd, 2024

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