How To Reset Your MMR In League Of Legends?
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How To Reset Your MMR In League Of Legends?

In League of Legends, mastering the ranked ladder is a significant goal for many players. However, success in this endeavor goes beyond mere wins and losses. A key element influencing your progression is your Matchmaking Rating (MMR), which plays a crucial role in determining your rightful rank and the League Points (LP) gained or lost after each match.

While there's no direct method to completely reset your MMR, there are several strategies to potentially improve it:

What is MMR in league of legends?

Matchmaking Rating, commonly abbreviated as MMR, is a critical but unseen metric in League of Legends. It's essentially a numerical value assigned to each player, operating behind the scenes to determine their ranking within the game. Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, use MMR as the core algorithm to place players in an appropriate rank. The principle is simple: you are matched with and against players who have a similar MMR to ensure that every game is as balanced as possible.
MMR is distinct from the visible ranking system (like Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc.) and League Points (LP).

It's a more accurate reflection of your actual skill level in the game. The relation between your MMR and your LP gains is direct: if your MMR is higher than what's typical for your current rank, you'll gain more LP for a win and lose less for a defeat. This continues until your rank aligns with your MMR. Conversely, if your MMR is lower than your current rank, you'll gain fewer LP for wins and lose more for losses.
On our website, we offer a unique tool to calculate your MMR. While Riot Games keeps the exact MMR value hidden, our system provides an approximation based on your recent gameplay. It analyzes the last 10 matches you've played in a specific game mode, focusing on whether you were matched against players ranked higher or lower than you. The estimated MMR is derived from the average rank of players in these matches. This tool can be particularly insightful for understanding your current standing and what you need to work on to improve your rank in League of Legends.

In discussing strategies for managing your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in League of Legends, it's essential to start with a fundamental understanding. Primarily, it's important to note that there isn't a direct method to reset or alter your MMR in a straightforward manner. Your MMR is intrinsically linked to your game performance: winning games increases your MMR, while losing games decreases it. This basic principle is key to any discussion about MMR adjustment.

However, there are approaches to improve or recover from a less favorable MMR:

Win more games

Achieving a higher Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in League of Legends fundamentally boils down to one straightforward principle: win more games. The logic behind this is simple yet powerful. Your MMR is directly influenced by your win-loss record. If you find that your League Points (LP) gains are minimal for victories, and losses result in significant LP deductions, it's a clear indicator that your MMR is currently lower than ideal for your rank.
Here's how the process works:

  • Consistent Winning: By maintaining a higher win rate than your loss rate, your MMR will gradually improve. This improvement is a steady process and requires persistence and consistent gameplay.
  • Balancing LP Gains and Losses: Once your MMR aligns with your current rank, you will notice a more balanced LP gain and loss after each match. This is a sign that you've reached an MMR appropriate for your rank.
  • Further Growth: Continuing to win beyond this point will further elevate your MMR. As your MMR increases, so will the amount of LP you gain per victory, accelerating your climb up the ranks.

The key here is perseverance. Before exploring other methods or concluding that your MMR is irreparably damaged, ensure you've dedicated a significant number of games to this effort. It's crucial not to rush to judgments about your MMR. Instead, focus on improving your gameplay, strategies, and overall performance. This approach is not just about climbing the ranks but also about developing your skills and enjoying the game's competitive nature. Remember, improvement in League of Legends is a marathon, not a sprint.

Start fresh on a new account 

Opting for buying a Smurf account in League of Legends to start with a fresh MMR (Matchmaking Rating) can be a strategic move under certain circumstances. Here's why starting anew can be beneficial:

  • Clean Slate: A new account means a reset MMR, unburdened by past losses or a stagnant ranking. This fresh start can be particularly appealing if you feel your current MMR doesn't accurately reflect your skill level due to past performance.
  • Opportunity for Better Placement: With a new account, your initial games will determine your starting MMR. If your skills have improved significantly since you first started playing, this can lead to a higher initial placement than what your old account's MMR would allow.
  • Learning and Experimentation: A new account offers the freedom to try out different champions, roles, and strategies without the pressure of affecting your established MMR. This can be a great learning experience and can enhance your overall gameplay.
  • Psychological Advantage: Sometimes, the psychological burden of a low MMR on your main account can hinder performance. A new account removes this mental block, often leading to a more relaxed and confident approach to matches.
  • Adapting to Game Changes: Over time, League of Legends undergoes various changes and updates. Starting anew allows you to adapt to these changes from the beginning, potentially giving you a more holistic understanding of the current meta and strategies.
  • Avoiding MMR Trenches: If your current account is stuck in an MMR range that feels impossible to escape from due to consistently unbalanced matches, a new account can offer a way out.

However, it's important to consider the downsides as well. Starting over means losing access to champions, skins, and other progress made on your original account. It's also worth noting that improving your skills and understanding of the game is the most reliable way to climb ranks, regardless of your account's MMR.

Transfer your account

If you're exploring every option to adjust your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) in League of Legends, account transferring is a notable method to consider. This approach involves moving your account to a different server region and then potentially back again. Here's a more detailed look at how it works and the steps involved:

How Account Transferring Affects MMR

  • Server Differences: Each server has its own player base and skill levels. For instance, a player ranked as Challenger in one region might not hold the same rank in another due to varying competition levels.
  • Initial Impact: When you transfer your account, say from EUW (Europe West) to another server like Turkey, your rank is initially unset, but your MMR is maintained to some extent. For example, a Diamond 1 rank in EUW might equate to around Master 100LP in Turkey.
  • Reset Opportunity: The real change happens when you transfer back to your original server. You’ll need to play provisional matches again. This is where you have the chance to positively influence your MMR. Performing exceptionally well in these games, especially the first few, can lead to significant LP gains.

The Process

  • Initial Transfer: On your League of Legends client, navigate to the ‘Store’ and then to the ‘Account’ section. Here, you can select a new server region and complete the transfer.
  • Playing in the New Region: Once transferred, you lose your original rank but retain a semblance of your MMR. You can choose to play in this new region or prepare to transfer back.
  • Returning Transfer: If you decide to move back to your original server, you'll again go through the account transfer process.
  • Provisional Matches: Upon returning, you’ll enter a series of provisional matches. Success in these games, particularly a high win rate, can dramatically improve your MMR and LP gains.

Points of Caution

  • Cost: Transferring an account between regions incurs a fee, making this a costly method.
  • Ethical Considerations: It’s crucial to note that this method is not about manipulating the system unfairly. The intention should be to find a rank that truly reflects your skill level.
  • Risk of Inconsistency: This method isn't a guaranteed success. Performance in provisional matches is critical, and there’s always a risk of not achieving the desired outcome.

While transferring accounts can be a way to recalibrate your MMR, it's important to weigh the costs and ethical considerations. Improving your skills and climbing the ranks through regular play remains the most straightforward and rewarding approach to advancing in League of Legends.

Play off season to boost your MMR

Utilizing the off-season in League of Legends can be a strategic move to improve your MMR (Matchmaking Rating) for the upcoming season. Here's why and how this approach can be beneficial:
1. Soft MMR Reset at Season Start

  • At the beginning of each new ranked season, League of Legends implements a soft MMR reset. This doesn't erase your MMR but adjusts it closer to a median level. If you've been improving during the off-season, this reset can place you at a higher starting point relative to your skill level.

2. Skill Improvement and Experimentation

  • The off-season is an ideal time to hone your skills, try out new champions, roles, or strategies without the pressure of impacting your rank. This period of practice and experimentation can lead to improved gameplay, which directly contributes to better performance and, consequently, a higher MMR in the new season.

3. Less Competitive Environment

  • Since the off-season doesn't affect your rank, many players use this time to experiment or play more casually. This can result in a less competitive environment, giving you the opportunity to focus on personal skill development and understanding the game mechanics more deeply.

4. Adapting to Changes

  • League of Legends frequently undergoes changes, including updates to champions, items, and the game meta. The off-season is a great time to adapt to these changes and understand how they affect different aspects of the game, preparing you for the ranked play in the next season.

5. Mental Reset and Motivation

  • Taking a break from the high-stress environment of ranked matches can also serve as a mental reset. This can help in regaining motivation and coming back with a fresher, more focused mindset, which is crucial for performing well in games.

6. Building Consistency

  • Consistently playing and practicing during the off-season helps in maintaining and improving your game sense and mechanical skills. This consistency is key to performing well once the new season starts and the ranked grind begins anew.

7. Strategic Positioning for Placement Matches

  • Your performance in the off-season can positively influence your readiness for the placement matches at the start of the new season. Doing well in these matches is crucial for setting a strong foundation for your rank and MMR.


In essence, the off-season in League of Legends presents a valuable opportunity for growth and improvement. By using this time effectively, you can enter the new season with enhanced skills, better adaptation to the game's evolving landscape, and a refreshed mindset, all of which are essential for improving your MMR and achieving a higher rank.

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