How To Get Out of ELO Hell In League of Legends
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How To Get Out of ELO Hell In League of Legends

Elo hell — the notorious rank where players feel trapped, no matter how many games they win or how hard they try. If you’re caught in this frustrating cycle, don’t worry; there are effective strategies to break free and climb the ranks in League of Legends.

To escape Elo hell, the most crucial step is to hone your gameplay. This involves selecting the right champions that not only fit the meta but also resonate with your personal playstyle. Effective communication with your team and strategic warding to gain map control are equally important. Furthermore, regular breaks are essential to maintain peak mental performance and avoid burnout.

In this article, we'll explore five practical steps that can help elevate your game and ensure you ascend out of Elo hell. These tips aren’t just theoretical—they’re battle-tested methods that can dramatically improve your chances of climbing the ranks in League of Legends. Let's dive into how you can see a new rank each time you log in, leaving Elo hell behind for good.

#1: Always Focusing on Improving Your Gameplay

The cornerstone of climbing out of Elo hell in League of Legends is undoubtedly enhancing your own gameplay. Given that you are the common factor in every game you play, focusing on self-improvement is key to rising through the ranks.

To elevate your gameplay, start by thoroughly preparing before each match. Utilize resources like Mobafire to deepen your understanding of champion strategies, opponent abilities, and optimal rune setups. Being well-prepared equips you to better handle in-game situations and gain an edge over your opponents.

Additionally, consider engaging a professional coach from a reputable service like 1v9. This personalized approach provides direct feedback and tailored strategies from seasoned players. A coach can offer insights and techniques that are specific to your playing style and challenges, helping accelerate your progress and effectiveness in games.

By committing to these focused improvement strategies, you position yourself to not just compete, but dominate, paving your way out of Elo hell.

#2: Analyzing Your Replays

To effectively climb out of ELO hell, a critical approach you must embrace is the analysis of your own gameplay replays. This reflective practice is invaluable for players of all levels, not just those stuck at a particular rank.

By revisiting your previous games—particularly those you lost—you can gain profound insights into your gameplay flaws. Reviewing these replays allows you to see where your decision-making faltered, where your map awareness lapsed, and where your mechanical skills did not suffice.

Engaging in this kind of self-review helps you pinpoint specific areas that need improvement. For example, you might notice patterns where you consistently overextend, mishandle your abilities, or overlook crucial enemy movements. By identifying these recurring mistakes, the problems that once seemed abstract become tangible and addressable.

Armed with this knowledge, you can focus your practice sessions on overcoming these specific weaknesses. Work on refining your mechanics, enhancing your strategic decision-making, and boosting your situational awareness. As you continue to analyze your replays and implement changes based on your findings, you'll start to notice a significant improvement in your gameplay, ultimately paving your way out of ELO hell.

#3: Watching Better Players

A vital strategy for improving your skills in League of Legends and escaping Elo hell is to learn from players who are more skilled than you. This approach is particularly beneficial when you find yourself stuck in a frustrating losing streak.

Observing how top-tier players navigate the complexities of the game can provide invaluable insights. Focus on their decision-making processes, how they move around the map, handle their champion mechanics, and their overarching strategies. Try to grasp the rationale behind their actions and how these contribute to their success in matches.

By watching professional and high-ranked players, you can gain a deeper understanding of advanced techniques and strategies. For instance, you might discover more effective ways to manage minion waves or innovative tactics for engaging with the enemy. Emulating these refined approaches can significantly enhance your gameplay, providing you with the tools you need to improve and climb out of Elo hell.

#4: Limiting Your Champion Pool

One critical strategy for climbing out of Elo hell in League of Legends is to refine and limit your champion pool. Many players fall into the trap of trying to master too many champions, which can dilute their effectiveness in competitive play.

Rather than spreading yourself thin across a broad array of champions, it’s more advantageous to specialize in just 3-5 key champions. This allows you to deepen your understanding of each champion’s mechanics, matchups, and strategic nuances.

By concentrating on a select few champions, you can achieve a level of mastery that translates into more consistent and impactful gameplay. You'll make fewer errors, execute your champion’s abilities with greater precision, and better understand their strengths and limitations within various game scenarios.

Furthermore, having a focused champion pool streamlines your learning process, allowing you to devote more attention to improving your general game sense and macro strategies. This focused approach not only enhances your performance but also accelerates your overall development as a player, making it an effective tactic for escaping Elo hell.

#5: Take Breaks When Needed

The final piece of advice for escaping Elo hell in League of Legends is to recognize the importance of taking breaks. It’s common for players to try capitalizing on a winning streak by playing consecutively. While the intention is to leverage the positive momentum, this often leads to fatigue, which can diminish your performance and decision-making abilities.

When you find yourself feeling frustrated, tired, or affected by tilt, it's crucial to step away from the game. Taking a break allows you to reset emotionally and mentally. Returning with a refreshed and clear mindset enables you to make more rational decisions and maintain your focus throughout each match.

Effective gameplay in League isn't just about mechanical skills or strategic knowledge; it’s also heavily influenced by your mental state. Allowing yourself the time to rest ensures that you approach each game with the best possible attitude, thereby improving your chances of performing well and climbing out of Elo hell.

#6: Guaranteed to Work Tip

As a fail-safe strategy, if you're seeking a guaranteed solution to escape Elo hell, consider enlisting the help of a professional booster from 1v9. While this is a direct approach, it's effective for those who want immediate results.

Alternatively, for players committed to improving their own skills without direct boosting, engaging a challenger-level coach from 1v9 can be incredibly beneficial. Our expert coaches can provide personalized guidance, helping you identify and rectify mistakes, enhance your gameplay strategically, and achieve your desired rank efficiently. This approach not only helps you climb the ladder but also enriches your overall skills and understanding of the game.


Escaping Elo hell in League of Legends hinges on a combination of focused practice, strategic learning, and self-care. By honing your skills on a select group of champions, analyzing your gameplay, learning from higher-ranked players, and maintaining a healthy playing schedule, you can significantly enhance your ability to climb the ranks. Remember, consistent improvement over time, rather than short bursts of wins, is key to long-term success in League of Legends. Take these steps to heart, practice diligently, and you'll find yourself climbing out of Elo hell and reaching new heights in your LoL journey.

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