League of Legends: How to Fix Low LP Gain
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League of Legends: How to Fix Low LP Gain

In League of Legends, climbing the ranked ladder is a goal many aspire to, but achieving higher ranks can be hindered by low LP gains, turning what should be a swift ascent into a sluggish journey. If you're facing this challenge, worry not. This guide is designed to offer you a collection of strategies to enhance your LP gains, making your climb more efficient.

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Now, let's dive into actionable tips to improve your LP gains:

Win More Ranked Matches

Securing more victories stands as the most straightforward method to enhance your League Points (LP) in League of Legends. Each win translates to LP, propelling you upwards through the ranks. To consistently achieve victories, it's essential to refine your gameplay, bolster communication with teammates, and strategize effectively. Success in League of Legends goes beyond mere kill counts; securing objectives and maintaining control over the map play pivotal roles in clinching victories. It's beneficial to review your past games, identify areas for improvement, and adjust your tactics accordingly to gain an edge over your adversaries.

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Focus On Perform Better in Games

Enhancing your individual performance in matches can have a positive impact on your LP gains, even in the event of a loss. League of Legends’ matchmaking algorithm takes into account various aspects of your gameplay, including your participation in kills, control over objectives, and your contribution to the team's vision across the map. By excelling in these areas, you can lessen the impact of LP losses or, in some cases, secure a minor increase in your LP. This means that your efforts and skill demonstration during the game can influence your climb in the rankings, underscoring the importance of striving for a high performance in every match, irrespective of the overall outcome.

Play Consistently

Maintaining a regular playing schedule is crucial for optimizing LP gains in League of Legends. Engaging in the game frequently allows the matchmaking system to evaluate your skill level more precisely, ensuring more balanced LP adjustments. Extended periods of inactivity can lead to a plateau in your Matchmaking Rating (MMR), which, in turn, slows down the rate of LP gains. It's beneficial to establish a routine that accommodates several gaming sessions each week, thus preserving your progress momentum and facilitating a smoother ascent through the ranks. This strategy not only helps in keeping your skills sharp but also in staying attuned to the evolving dynamics of the game.

Avoid Dodging Games

Opting out of games, commonly known as "dodging," might appear as an immediate solution to escape less-than-ideal team compositions or challenging adversaries. However, this strategy bears consequences, including a deduction in League Points (LP) and a short-term penalty that negatively impacts LP gains in future matches. Although there might be situations where dodging seems justified, to avoid gameplay disruptors like trolls or absent players, it's generally advisable to engage in every match with a commitment to perform optimally. Embracing each game as an opportunity for victory and improvement is a more beneficial approach in the long run.

Play with Duo

Collaborating with a duo of similar skill levels can significantly enhance your League Points (LP) acquisition strategy. When you play with friends, the advantages include improved coordination and communication, which naturally elevate your chances for victory. Furthermore, consistently teaming up with the same group fosters stronger synergy and teamwork, contributing to a more unified playing style. However, it's important to ensure that the skill levels within your group are relatively balanced to maintain fair matchmaking and optimize LP gains.


Is it possible to gain LP following a loss?

Indeed, it is possible to earn LP even after a loss, particularly if your individual performance stands out. The matchmaking system evaluates numerous aspects, such as your personal contribution to the match, when calculating LP adjustments. Therefore, maintaining a high level of play even in losses can positively affect your LP balance.

What is the recommended frequency of play to optimize LP gains?

For optimal LP gains in League of Legends, consistent engagement is crucial. Strive to participate in several matches each week to keep up your progress and enable precise skill assessment by the matchmaking system. It's advisable to avoid prolonged intervals without playing, as this can cause your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) to become static, slowing down your LP acquisition pace.


Optimizing your League Points (LP) gains in League of Legends hinges on a combination of strategic gameplay, consistent participation, and collaborative efforts with teammates. By focusing on winning more matches through improved gameplay and teamwork, enhancing individual performance, maintaining a regular playing schedule, and carefully considering when to dodge games, players can create a conducive environment for climbing the ranks. Additionally, teaming up with friends can amplify these efforts through better communication and synergy, provided skill levels are closely matched.

Remember, even in defeat, there are opportunities to minimize LP losses by showcasing exceptional personal performance. The key to a successful climb in League of Legends is not just how often you play, but how wisely you play and with whom you choose to team up. By adhering to these strategies and maintaining a positive and resilient mindset, players can effectively navigate the challenges of ranked play and achieve their desired rankings more efficiently.

Posted On: February 9th, 2024

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