How to Counter True Damage in League of Legends
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How to Counter True Damage in League of Legends

True damage in League of Legends is a formidable force that bypasses armor and magic resistance, presenting a unique challenge for players. For those battling on the front lines, especially tank champions, finding effective strategies to mitigate true damage is essential.

Understanding true damage is the first step in formulating a defense. It directly subtracts from your health without regard for your defensive stats, making traditional resistances ineffective against it. However, all is not lost, as there are methods to soften its impact.

To combat true damage, focus on increasing your overall health pool, leveraging shielding abilities, maximizing healing effects, and ensuring team support for added protection. These measures won't negate true damage but can help sustain your presence on the battlefield, giving you a fighting chance against champions that deal this unmitigated damage.

In the following sections, we will dive deeper into each strategy, providing insights on how to enhance your resilience against true damage and improve your chances of triumphing in duels against notorious true damage dealers like Master Yi.

Understanding True Damage in LoL

Grasping the concept of true damage is fundamental to devising countermeasures. True damage stands out as it pierces through any defensive mechanism, unaffected by armor or magic resistance, and cannot be diminished by shields.

Specific abilities of certain champions, alongside some item effects and runes, are designed to inflict this unblockable type of damage. This makes champions capable of dealing true damage formidable adversaries, as the usual defensive tactics fall short against their attacks. Consequently, players must explore other methods to withstand or reduce the impact of true damage, shifting focus from traditional defense to more nuanced strategies of resilience and survival.

#1: Building Health

One effective method to mitigate true damage is by increasing your champion's health pool. Given that true damage ignores armor and magic resist, boosting your maximum health is a key defensive strategy.

Consider items such as Warmog's Armor, which not only bolsters your health significantly but also offers a regenerative bonus, healing you when not engaged in combat. This can greatly enhance your ability to endure through bouts of true damage and remain a force during prolonged encounters.

Another notable item is Sterak's Gage, offering both a health increase and a protective shield when you're dealt substantial damage. This can be a lifesaver, providing a crucial buffer that might allow you to escape or retaliate effectively.

However, it's important to recognize the limitations of this approach. Some champions and items deal true damage as a percentage of your health, rendering additional health less effective against them. In such cases, blindly stacking health might not yield the desired protection, urging you to consider alternative strategies to combat these specific true damage sources.

#2: Using Shields

Employing shields is another strategy to buffer against true damage's impact. Shields function by adding a temporary layer of health that can absorb any damage, true damage included. Utilizing champions with shielding capabilities, such as Janna, Lulu, or Karma, can be instrumental in defending against true damage threats.

For instance, Janna's Eye of the Storm not only provides a substantial shield to absorb incoming damage but also temporarily enhances the recipient's attack damage, boosting their offensive capabilities. Likewise, Lulu's Help, Pix! not only shields an ally but also augments their attacks, providing both defense and a slight offensive edge.

Incorporating these shielding abilities into your team's strategy can be pivotal, offering a brief respite against the relentless pressure of true damage. This window of protection can be the difference between a narrow escape and a devastating defeat, emphasizing the importance of timely and effective shield application.

#3: Using Damage Mitigation Abilities and Items

In the face of true damage in League of Legends, deploying damage reduction strategies through certain abilities and items becomes essential. These strategies, while not directly diminishing true damage, bolster your resilience against additional damage types, augmenting your chances of survival.

Select champions come equipped with abilities designed to diminish incoming damage, thus reinforcing their defense against both true damage and conventional damage attacks. Characters such as Maokai, Malphite, or Galio offer unique abilities that enhance damage resistance or reduce damage taken, providing a buffer during critical moments. Proper application of these abilities at strategic points in combat can substantially alter the outcome in your team's favor.

Furthermore, incorporating specific items into your build can offer temporary reprieves from the onslaught of damage. Items like Guardian Angel and Zhonya's Hourglass afford moments of invulnerability or stasis, effectively nullifying the immediate threat of true damage and allowing for strategic counterplays or retreats. Integrating these items into your strategy, especially in anticipation of high-stakes encounters, can be pivotal in securing victory despite the presence of true damage on the battlefield.

#4: Maintaining High Healing Opportunities

In the face of true damage, harnessing the power of healing and sustain can play a pivotal role in countering its effects. Champions endowed with healing capabilities, such as Soraka, Nami, or Yuumi, stand as bastions of support, offering crucial health restoration to allies. Their healing prowess can mitigate the impact of true damage, enabling your team to endure through skirmishes and maintain a fighting stance.

For champions reliant on life steal, items and abilities that enhance this trait become instrumental. Combatants like Miss Fortune, Aatrox, and Vladimir can recuperate health through damage output or specific skills, effectively negating some of the true damage they receive. This regeneration capacity allows them to remain in the fray longer, providing a critical advantage.

In essence, the strategy revolves around outlasting the source of true damage. Whether through direct healing spells, life-stealing techniques, or the strategic use of the Heal summoner spell for an immediate health surge, sustaining your presence on the battlefield can thwart the enemies' true damage advantage and tip the scales in your favor.

#5: Use Burst Damage

While true damage remains unmitigated, employing a strategy centered around burst damage can effectively neutralize champions reliant on inflicting true damage. The rationale is straightforward: if you can dispatch these true damage dealers swiftly, they're deprived of the opportunity to exert their damaging influence on the battlefield.

Champions renowned for their burst potential, such as Zed, Syndra, or Veigar, are particularly adept at quickly dismantling threats. Their capability to unleash devastating damage in a short span can ensure that true damage dealers are taken out of the equation early in encounters. Orchestrating these burst attacks, especially in sync with your teammates, can turn pivotal moments in team fights or skirmishes to your advantage, curtailing the impact of true damage and tipping the scales in your team's favor.

#6: Have Someone Watch Your Back

In the tactical world of League of Legends, teamwork often emerges as the ultimate countermeasure, especially when facing adversaries wielding true damage. The presence of a vigilant teammate ready to intervene at critical moments can substantially alter the course of battle.

Such a teammate might extend a lifeline through healing, fortifying you with protective shields, employing abilities to mitigate incoming damage, or even joining forces to swiftly eliminate the threatening enemy champion. The adage "two heads are better than one" rings particularly true here, emphasizing the power of collaboration and mutual support in overcoming formidable challenges presented by true damage dealers.


Concluding our exploration into countering true damage in League of Legends, we've traversed a variety of strategies—from bolstering your champion's health to leveraging team support for enhanced protection. Remember, while true damage presents a unique challenge by bypassing conventional defenses, your adaptability and tactical prowess can mitigate its impact. Embrace these methods, whether through itemization, champion selection, or collaborative team play, to diminish the threat true damage poses. Your journey in the Rift is a testament to strategy and resilience; let these tools empower you to face any adversary with confidence.

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