How to Counter Pick in League of Legends
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How to Counter Pick in League of Legends

Dive into the strategic world of League of Legends by learning the art of counter picking. While it's great to pick a champion you're comfortable with, sometimes selecting a champion that counters your opponent's choices can be the key to victory. This strategy, although not straightforward, can be mastered by following five essential steps: understanding a wide range of champions, spotting your opponent's choices, studying champion matchups, talking with your team, and finally, considering the overall team composition.

Join us as we break down these steps, making it easier for you to get the upper hand right from the start of your League matches.

#1: Understand the Champion Pool

Embarking on the journey to effectively counter pick in League of Legends begins with a comprehensive understanding of the champion pool. This crucial step involves familiarizing yourself with the wide array of champions, their unique abilities, strengths, vulnerabilities, and overall gameplay mechanics.

Gaining insight into how different champions operate ensures you're well-prepared to not only face off against them but also to potentially utilize them effectively in your gameplay. Such knowledge is vital for recognizing which champions could serve as strong counters to your opponents' selections.

A fun and effective way to broaden your champion expertise is through frequent participation in ARAM (All Random, All Mid) matches. This mode, by assigning you a random champion each game, pushes you to explore and adapt to various playstyles and strategies, enhancing your versatility and readiness for counter picking.

#2: Identify Opponent Picks

After mastering the champion pool, the next crucial step involves observing and noting down the prevalent choices within your assigned lane or role. Engage in your usual game sessions but with a heightened sense of awareness towards the selections made by your opponents.

Focus keenly on the champion selection phase. Monitor and record the choices of the opposing player, particularly the champion they commit to and their designated role or lane. This information becomes your valuable data pool for predicting future encounters and preparing your counter strategies.

Armed with these insights, you’re now ready to progress further into fine-tuning your counter pick strategy, leveraging your knowledge against your adversary's predictable choices.

#3: Research Champion Matchups

With a clear insight into frequent adversaries in your lane, the subsequent strategy involves delving into specific champion matchups. While numerous online resources provide matchup information, considering a professional coach's guidance can elevate your strategic planning to a new level.

Why opt for a coach? A deeper understanding of matchups goes beyond simply knowing which champions counter others. It involves aligning these choices with your unique playing style, and tailoring runes and spell choices to harness the full potential of your selected champion against your opponent.

For those embarking on this analysis solo, prioritize champions boasting favorable win rates against your opponent's choice. Factor in optimal item builds and rune configurations to ensure you're not just countering effectively but also playing to your strengths.

#4: Consider Team Composition

While countering your lane opponent is advantageous, the broader perspective of your team's overall composition should not be overlooked. If your team is in need of a tank yet your initial choice leans towards a non-tank counter, it might be prudent to align with the team's needs instead.

Selecting a champion that meshes seamlessly with your team's strategy and amplifies collective strengths is crucial. Securing a lane victory yet failing to contribute to your team's overall game plan could hinder your chances of success. Consider the preferred playstyles of your teammates and how your champion choice can enhance team synergy.

Aim for a well-rounded team composition, ensuring all roles are adequately filled, and that the champions selected forge a cohesive unit, balancing out any weaknesses. Additionally, evaluate how your choice fares against the enemy team as a whole, beyond just your direct lane opponent, to ensure you're making a decision that benefits team dynamics and strategy.

#5: Communicate With Your Team

The last step in the counter-picking process involves effective communication with your teammates. It's essential to inform them about your intended champion pick and the rationale behind your choice. Clear communication aids in aligning team strategies and adapting playstyles to complement each other.

When sharing your counter-pick plans, clarity and simplicity are key. Avoid overly technical jargon to ensure your strategy is easily understood by all team members. This openness not only facilitates a cohesive team approach but also fosters a supportive environment where everyone is prepared for the match ahead. Remember, a well-informed team is a stronger team, ready to tackle the challenges that come with every game.


Counter-picking in League of Legends is a nuanced strategy that can significantly impact your game's outcome. By understanding the champion pool, identifying your opponent's picks, researching champion matchups, considering team composition, and communicating effectively with your team, you position yourself and your team for success. While the process may seem daunting at first, with practice and experience, you'll find yourself making smarter picks that not only counter your direct opponent but also contribute to a well-rounded, synergistic team composition. Remember, the ultimate goal is not just to win your lane but to secure victory for your team. Happy counter-picking, and may your strategic choices lead you to countless victories on the Rift!

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