How to Always Secure Drake in League of Legends
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How to Always Secure Drake in League of Legends

In the dynamic battlegrounds of League of Legends, controlling dragon spawns can tip the scales in your favor. But how do you ensure these pivotal creatures bolster your path to victory every single time?

Firstly, mastering the dragon’s spawn timer is crucial. Awareness and preparation can set you apart. For junglers, signaling dragon spawns to your team is key—ensure you’re vocal about the objective and have your smite ready for that clutch secure.

This comprehensive walkthrough dives deep into dragon priorities, providing tailored strategies for each type. We’ll equip you with actionable tips and techniques to not just secure dragons, but to turn their power into your ladder to success.

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Let’s dive into the specifics and turn you into a dragon-hunting mastermind, ensuring these mythical beasts consistently empower your journey through the ranks.

What is the Best Drake?

While every drake in League of Legends presents an opportunity to gain an advantage, the Cloud Drake often stands out as a coveted prize among players, especially in higher ranks. The allure of the Cloud Drake lies in its potent reward: Cloudbringer's Grace.

This buff is a game-changer, offering a significant movement speed boost to the entire team. This enhanced mobility facilitates rapid rotations, allowing players to respond to threats or secure objectives across the map more swiftly. Additionally, Cloudbringer's Grace reduces the effectiveness of slows on your team, providing a tactical edge in engagements.

Following closely in importance is the Ocean Drake, prized for its healing powers. Securing an Ocean Drake rewards your team with a buff that heals members based on the damage they inflict. This drake is particularly favored for its sustain, enabling teams to remain in the fray longer.
In summary, while it’s beneficial to secure any dragon, focusing efforts on capturing Cloud and Ocean Drakes can provide substantial strategic advantages.

Tips for Getting Always Getting Drake

Understanding the significance of certain drake in League of Legends paves the way for developing strategies to secure them reliably. Let's delve into actionable tips that can elevate your drake control game, ensuring that your team frequently claims these pivotal objectives.

Know When Drake Spawn

Grasping the spawn timings of drake is a key strategy in ensuring your team secures them routinely. This knowledge is crucial for timely preparation and execution.

The initial drake makes its appearance at the 5-minute mark. Subsequently, drake grace the rift every 5 minutes thereafter. The cycle of regular drake persists until one team secures four elemental drake, earning them the dragon soul, at which point the elder drake takes the stage either at the 35-minute threshold or 6 minutes following the acquisition of the elemental soul, depending on which occurs first. This systematic understanding of dragon timings is instrumental in planning and securing these game-changing objectives.

Know Which Drake will spawn

While the drake’s element may seem unpredictable, there's a method to discern which drake will appear next even before its spawn time. Right after the defeat of the second drake, the map timer (accessible by pressing the tab button) reveals the next drake's element.

For instance, after slaying the second drake, you can either observe the emblem within the dragon pit or press tab to see the forthcoming drake from anywhere on the map.

Importantly, upon the emergence of the third drake, the game adheres to a singular elemental theme for subsequent drake, This means, should an Infernal Drake appear as the third drake, expect only Infernal Drakes for the remainder of the game. This pattern recognition is pivotal for strategizing around future drake encounters.

Never Engage the Drake Without Smite Ready

Smite is a jungler's pivotal ability, especially during objective control phases like securing the dragon. A common mistake is rallying your team to tackle a newly spawned dragon while your smite is still cooling down.

This approach is fraught with risk because if the opposing jungler has their smite up, they stand a good chance of stealing the dragon right from under you during a potential skirmish over the objective. In most instances, the team whose jungler has smite available is more likely to secure the dragon successfully.

Ping for Dragon When the Enemy Jungler is in Top Lane

Although it's generally risky to initiate dragon without smite, there's a strategic exception. If you spot the enemy jungler on the top side of the map, immediately inform your team and suggest taking the dragon.

The key here is speed. You want to leverage the enemy jungler's distant position to quickly secure the dragon before they have a chance to intervene. This opportunistic approach can help you gain an advantageous edge by exploiting their temporary absence.

Ensure Your Lanes Have Control Before Taking Drake

Having control over your lanes, often referred to as lane priority, plays a crucial role in securing dragon assistance. Lane priority is generally defined by the dominance in a lane, indicated by how far your minions are pushed towards the enemy's tower.

When your team holds lane priority, especially in lanes close to the dragon pit, it increases the likelihood of your teammates being able to support you in the dragon contest. They can more easily leave their lanes to assist, given the shorter distance and lower risk of losing lane advantages.

Moreover, lane control can deter the enemy jungler from attempting to contest or steal the dragon. Their hesitation grows when they notice the enemy lanes are pushed, signaling potential quick support from your teammates. Prioritizing lane control can be the deciding factor in successfully securing the dragon.

Always Place a Ward Around Drake

A common oversight among lower-ranked players is neglecting to place wards around the dragon pit before initiating the dragon. This oversight can be detrimental, as it leaves your team vulnerable to surprise attacks from the enemy.

Attempting to slay the dragon often results in diminished health and expended abilities, making an ambush by the enemy team particularly effective. To add to the predicament, the dragon continues its assault, forcing your team to juggle the threat of both the enemy team and the dragon, potentially leading to a catastrophic team defeat.

However, by strategically placing wards around the dragon area, you afford your team those crucial moments to either brace for a defensive stance or retreat if outnumbered or outmatched.

Warding is equally vital when anticipating the dragon's arrival. Early ward placement provides insight into enemy movements near the dragon pit, enabling your team to make informed decisions on whether to contest or withdraw, ensuring a higher success rate in securing or defending against dragon captures.

Rely on Dependable Teammates

While it may seem like a lofty goal, having a reliable team significantly boosts your chances of consistently securing dragons. Effective teamwork is essential, particularly against champions like Nunu, who pose a risk of snatching the dragon if not swiftly addressed.

Recognizing that not everyone has the luxury of assembling a team for every match, exploring the 1v9 teammate system offers an excellent alternative. This platform provides an opportunity to connect with dependable players, ensuring you have at least one ally you can count on during crucial moments like dragon fights.

Try to Be as Quick As Possible

The final tip for getting the dragon every single time is to be as quick as you can every time the dragon spawns, This might sound obvious to some people, but it's a fact that many players tend to wait for their team to level up a little more before tackling the dragon, especially when the first dragon spawns.

Although this sounds good on paper, this strategy has multiple flaws. For starters, if you're leveling up and getting stronger, doesn't that mean the enemy team will be doing the same? The more time you give them to group up and level up, the higher the chances of them sneaking away with a surprise dragon push.

Additionally, most teams tend to prioritize the dragon whenever they can. If you decide to sideline the dragon and focus on other things, chances are the enemy will decide to prioritize the dragon, which will put your team in a pickle. One dragon is all it takes to get the ball rolling and give a team the momentum they need to control the entire match.


Securing dragons in League of Legends is a pivotal strategy that can significantly influence the outcome of the match. By mastering the timing of dragon spawns, understanding which dragons to prioritize, and implementing strategies such as maintaining lane priority, placing strategic wards, and ensuring team coordination, you can greatly increase your chances of claiming these crucial objectives. Remember, securing dragons is not just about the immediate benefits they provide but also about gaining an incremental advantage that can lead to your team's victory. With practice, awareness, and teamwork, consistently securing dragons will become a key part of your winning strategy in the Summoner's Rift.

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