Does LoL Vanguard Brick Players PCs? Riot Responds
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Does LoL Vanguard Brick Players PCs? Riot Responds

The recent introduction of the Vanguard anti-cheat system to League of Legends has sparked a significant amount of debate among players. While Vanguard is effectively curbing cheating in the game, there are reports circulating that it may be causing serious issues, including claims that it has bricked some players' PCs.

We're taking a closer look at these allegations to determine whether there's any truth to the claims or if they are merely rumors spread by players opposed to making Vanguard a permanent fixture in League of Legends.

Here's our deep dive into whether LoL Vanguard is truly causing hardware failures. Additionally, with cheaters out of the picture, climbing the ranks has become more straightforward. Consider enhancing your gameplay and ranking up faster by using a professional boosting service like 1v9. Use the code "1v9er" for a 20% discount on your boost, combining progress with savings.

Why did Riot Games add Vanguard to League Of Legends?

Riot Games' decision to integrate the Vanguard anti-cheat system from Valorant into League of Legends comes as part of their ongoing commitment to ensuring fair play. Cheating disrupts the gaming experience for everyone, and in a competitive arena like League, the stakes are high. The introduction of Vanguard aims to eliminate cheating by detecting and handling scripts and unauthorized third-party programs, ensuring that all players adhere to the game's rules.

The necessity for a robust anti-cheat system in League can't be overstated. Imagine the frustration of diligently working to climb the ranks, only to have your progress undermined by a cheater. Such incidents, if frequent, could potentially alienate the player base, leading to a decline in engagement and community participation.

Implementing Vanguard was not a straightforward task for Riot. It has raised various challenges including concerns over privacy, system performance, and compatibility. As the Vanguard system is relatively new in League of Legends, it will take some time for Riot to fine-tune the system, address the community's feedback, and resolve any issues that arise.

Is Vanguard bricking PCs?

The term "bricking" refers to a situation where hardware, like a motherboard or graphics card, becomes completely non-functional, essentially turning it into a "brick." This can happen due to various factors, including faulty software updates, physical damage, overzealous modifications like overclocking, or power disruptions like electrical spikes. The concern here involves Riot Games' anti-cheat software, Vanguard.

There have been reports alleging that Vanguard has caused hardware to brick. However, Riot Games has addressed these claims directly. In a detailed response on a subreddit, Riot clarified that they investigated several cases but found no evidence linking Vanguard to hardware failures. They stated, "We’ve individually resolved a few of the major threads you may have seen so far of users claiming this with their machines and have confirmed that Vanguard wasn’t the cause of the issues they were facing."

The discussion also covered a minor issue related to enabling TPM 2.0 and switching to UEFI mode, which caused complications for some players due to variations in BIOS settings and partition types. Riot advised that Windows 11 users should ensure their system is installed on a GPT partition to avoid issues when making these changes. They emphasized that Vanguard does not and cannot alter BIOS settings directly.

Additionally, the topic of SecureBoot was brought up. While Vanguard uses SecureBoot for Valorant, Riot opted not to implement it in League of Legends due to potential compatibility issues with older hardware. This decision was based on interactions with a player who encountered problems after using custom settings to enable SecureBoot.


The integration of Vanguard into League of Legends has stirred considerable discussion among the gaming community, particularly concerning the safety and reliability of Riot Games' anti-cheat software. Despite numerous reports suggesting that Vanguard may cause severe hardware issues, Riot has thoroughly investigated these claims and found no substantial evidence linking Vanguard to any incidents of bricking PCs. The company has addressed specific technical issues related to BIOS settings and partition types, providing guidance to ensure a smoother experience for players. Riot's proactive approach in clarifying these issues and their commitment to player safety and game integrity continues to reassure the community. As always, players are encouraged to maintain updated systems and follow Riot's recommended settings to prevent compatibility or performance issues.

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