Top 7 Best Supports To Synergy with Zeri in League of Legends
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Top 7 Best Supports To Synergy with Zeri in League of Legends

Zeri has quickly become a standout champion in League of Legends since her introduction. Initially released as a formidable force, Riot Games has had to adjust her abilities numerous times to find a balance. Now, in Season 13, she's settled into a more manageable role, though her success still heavily depends on synergizing with the right supports.

For players looking to maximize Zeri’s potential in the bot lane, selecting the ideal support partner is crucial. This guide details the top supports that perfectly complement Zeri’s playstyle, enhancing her strengths and mitigating her weaknesses.

Below, you'll find an in-depth look at each recommended support, complete with insights into how they can help you dominate the bot lane and make the most of Zeri's dynamic kit.
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#1: Yuumi

In the competitive realm of League of Legends, Zeri and Yuumi are known to form an exceptional duo, despite both champions experiencing periods of reduced strength. This pairing excels because Yuumi enhances every aspect of Zeri's gameplay, from mobility to damage output.

Yuumi serves as the perfect augment to Zeri's agile, hit-and-run combat style. She enhances Zeri's movement speed, allowing for swift repositioning and evasive maneuvers that frustrate opposing teams. Additionally, Yuumi's ability to attach to Zeri provides a unique advantage, allowing her to heal and buff Zeri while remaining safe from direct attacks. This symbiotic relationship transforms them into a mobile threat capable of weaving through team fights with enhanced survivability and control.

Moreover, Yuumi's flexibility with summoner spells—often opting for Exhaust and Ignite—complements Zeri's aggressive playstyle, compensating for the lack of need for Flash with her inherent evasiveness.

However, the duo's early game is notably their Achilles' heel. They struggle to assert lane dominance and secure early objectives due to their comparative lack of early damage output. For players looking to leverage this pairing, patience is key—focus on surviving the early game and scaling into a powerhouse duo as the match progresses.

#2: Lulu

Lulu emerges as an excellent alternative to Yuumi when facing bans in League of Legends, especially when paired with Zeri. Renowned for her protective abilities, Lulu offers a kit that synergizes seamlessly with Zeri's dynamic playstyle.

Lulu's kit is rich with defensive and offensive options to enhance Zeri's effectiveness in lane and team fights. Her shield (E) not only absorbs incoming damage but also empowers Zeri to sustain through skirmishes. Lulu’s Whimsy (W) serves a dual purpose: it can accelerate Zeri's already formidable movement speed for better positioning or neutralize threats by polymorphing aggressive foes, thwarting their assault plans.

Additionally, Lulu’s ultimate, Wild Growth, provides an instant health boost to Zeri while also disrupting nearby enemies with a knock-up effect. This sudden increase in size and health can turn the tides of battle, allowing Zeri to remain in the fray longer and deal sustained damage.

Lulu’s versatile abilities not only safeguard Zeri but also enable aggressive plays, ensuring that Zeri can exploit her mobility to dodge threats and retaliate with increased potency. By pairing with Lulu, Zeri gains the freedom to navigate through team fights with increased confidence, positioning her to capitalize on her late-game scaling and dominate the battlefield.

#3: Soraka

Soraka stands as a pivotal ally for Zeri, particularly valuable for her unparalleled healing abilities in League of Legends. Pairing Soraka with Zeri ensures that the latter navigates through the early game—a period of vulnerability for Zeri—more effectively, setting the stage for a dominant late-game presence.

Early on, Zeri struggles due to her limited damage output and range, making her an easy target for ganks and aggressive lane opponents. Soraka's intervention is crucial here; her potent heals can quickly restore health lost during skirmishes, allowing Zeri to stay in lane longer, farm effectively, and accumulate essential experience and gold.

As the game progresses to team fights, Soraka transforms Zeri into a formidable force on the battlefield. With Soraka’s continuous stream of healing from her Astral Infusion (W) and her global save with Wish (R), Zeri can sustain through extended engagements. This support ensures that unless Zeri is caught by successive crowd control and bursts, she remains a persistent threat.

While Soraka and Zeri might not dominate lane phases with aggressive plays, their synergy develops a robust duo that excels in sustained fights, making them a formidable pairing for scaling into the late game.

#4: Karma

Karma emerges as an unexpectedly strong enchanter partner for Zeri in the current season, bolstered by the latest item updates that synergize well with Zeri's kit. Karma's ability to enhance Zeri's mobility is a key asset, particularly at the onset of team fights when Zeri might not have fully activated her passive yet.

Karma’s Inspire (E) not only provides a crucial shield but also a significant burst of movement speed. This combination is pivotal in allowing Zeri to maneuver through complex battle scenarios, effectively dodging enemy attacks and positioning herself to capitalize on her rapid-fire capabilities.

However, this duo faces challenges in early 2v2 skirmishes due to Zeri’s initially subdued damage output. Aggressive play is less advisable with this pairing. Instead, the strategy should pivot towards a more conservative approach, emphasizing safe farming to expedite Zeri’s progression to her critical power spikes. This approach ensures that Zeri can evolve into a formidable presence in later stages without being stifled early on by lane pressures.

#5: Janna

Janna, with her unique set of abilities, is an excellent support for Zeri, providing both defensive and offensive utilities. Her Zephyr (W) skill slows enemies, making it easier for Zeri to maintain a safe distance or close in for the kill. Before engagements, Janna can activate her Eye of the Storm (E) to shield Zeri, boosting her attack damage and enhancing her survivability.

During skirmishes, Janna's Howling Gale (Q) can disrupt enemy formations and control space, creating opportunities for Zeri to unleash her firepower safely. In scenarios where Zeri faces imminent threats from crowd control or aggressive dives, Janna's Monsoon (R) serves as a crucial disengage tool, effectively pushing enemies away and providing a healing respite.

This partnership allows Zeri to navigate team fights with greater ease, relying on Janna’s ability to control the battlefield and safeguard her positioning. Together, Janna and Zeri form a resilient duo, capable of enduring sustained engagements and outmaneuvering opponents with strategic play.

#6: Milio

Milio, League of Legends' newest support character, has rapidly become a favorite choice for his synergy with champions like Zeri, who benefit from enhanced range and mobility. Milio's ability to extend Zeri's basic attack range temporarily with his Cozy Campfire ability helps compensate for her inherent short reach, providing her with the necessary leverage to engage or disengage effectively in early game exchanges.

Further amplifying Zeri's potential, Milio's Warm Hugs enhances her attacks, adding a layer of burn damage that significantly boosts her trading capabilities. This support also increases Zeri's mobility, a critical asset for her kit, allowing her to navigate through team fights or evade threats with greater ease.

Most importantly, Milio’s ultimate, Breath of Life, offers a crucial cleanse effect, removing crowd control ailments from Zeri, thereby safeguarding her during crucial team fight phases. This combination not only enhances Zeri’s offensive capabilities but also fortifies her defensively, making her a formidable foe in extended skirmishes.

#7: Rakan

Rakan strikes a unique balance in the bot lane as a support who blends the qualities of both engagers and enchanters. His versatile kit equips him with the tools necessary for initiating team fights as well as protecting his allies, making him an ideal partner for Zeri.

Primarily, Rakan’s role when paired with Zeri should focus on protection. Instead of seeking out high-risk engages, Rakan should use his abilities to disrupt enemy attacks that target Zeri. His key crowd control abilities, such as his Grand Entrance (W) and The Quickness (R), are perfect for peeling enemies away from Zeri, allowing her to position herself optimally in skirmishes.

While Rakan does offer some healing and shielding, his capabilities in this area aren't as robust as other pure enchanters. It's crucial to play cautiously in the early game to avoid giving the enemy team an advantage. By keeping the opponents in check and safeguarding Zeri, Rakan can help set the stage for her to dominate in later team fights, leveraging her high damage output to secure victories.


Playing Zeri to her full potential in League of Legends largely hinges on the synergy she shares with her support. The seven supports outlined—Yuumi, Lulu, Soraka, Karma, Janna, Milio, and Rakan—each bring unique advantages that can significantly enhance Zeri's gameplay. Whether it's through enhancing her survivability, boosting her mobility, or providing critical crowd control, these supports are instrumental in unlocking Zeri's ability to dominate in team fights and scale effectively into the late game. Selecting the right support to complement Zeri's playstyle can be the key to climbing the ranked ladder and securing victories in the bot lane.

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