Top 6 Best Support Champions to Duo With Ashe in League of Legends
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Top 6 Best Support Champions to Duo With Ashe in League of Legends

Ashe remains a steadfast choice in League of Legends, maintaining a positive win rate across all servers and skill levels despite not being in the meta spotlight in recent years. This consistency is partly due to her substantial utility and ease of use, which make her a viable carry in the mid to late game. However, the right support can significantly amplify Ashe's lane presence and overall effectiveness.

Supports that pair best with Ashe typically fall into the categories of enchanters or mages. These champions enhance her strengths through additional protection and crowd control, enabling more strategic plays and outmaneuvers in lane.

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#1: Soraka

Soraka stands out as the premier healer in League of Legends, making her an ideal support for Ashe. Her healing abilities are crucial, especially given that Ashe tends to be vulnerable to poke damage due to her limited mobility.

In the laning phase, Soraka provides Ashe with substantial sustainability, allowing her to withstand poke and stay healthy enough to continue farming and scaling into the mid-game. This partnership thrives on a defensive playstyle, focusing on mitigating aggression with Soraka's heals and utilizing Ashe’s slows to control space and tempo.

During engagements, the synergy between Soraka’s silencing or rooting abilities and Ashe’s crowd control can turn the tide of battles, providing them with kill opportunities. Post level 6, the dynamic shifts slightly; Ashe’s initiation capability with her ultimate (R) combined with Soraka’s global heal allows them to confidently take on 2v2 situations and potentially dominate the bot lane.

Moreover, the global nature of their ultimates allows Soraka and Ashe to exert influence across the entire map, providing crowd control and healing to alter skirmishes or team fights far from their immediate location. This makes them a formidable duo throughout the game, capable of supporting their team and outlasting their lane opponents with strategic prowess and sustained presence.

#2: Zilean

Zilean is uniquely positioned as a hybrid between a mage and an enchanter, making him an exceptionally adaptable partner for Ashe. His abilities serve dual purposes, providing both offensive and defensive benefits that complement Ashe's playstyle.

One of Zilean's standout abilities that meshes well with Ashe is his E, Time Warp. This point-and-click ability enhances Ashe's movement speed, significantly boosting her kiting capabilities. Given Ashe's lack of inherent mobility spells, the additional speed from Time Warp is crucial for navigating through team fights and evading enemy advances.

Furthermore, Zilean’s ability to stun enemies with his double-bomb setup offers excellent peel for Ashe, allowing her vital moments to reposition or escape harm. Should the battle turn against them, Zilean's R, Chronoshift, can resurrect Ashe, providing a second chance to clinch victory in tight skirmishes.

The strategic approach for an Ashe and Zilean lane is to focus on farming in the early game, building up Ashe’s item arsenal for substantial late-game impact. With critical items like Kraken Slayer, Ashe's damage output becomes formidable. During these later stages, the duo excels in outmaneuvering opponents, with Zilean enhancing Ashe's survivability while maximizing her damage potential.

Additionally, the synergy extends to their combined crowd control capabilities. Ashe's slows make it easier for Zilean to land his bombs, effectively disrupting enemy formations and facilitating poke. This interplay not only bolsters their lane dominance but also their influence in larger team engagements.

#3: Vel’Koz

Vel’Koz serves as a formidable support akin to Zyra, but he stands out with unique advantages, particularly in terms of range, which enhances both safety and performance in lane. As a support, Vel’Koz excels in exerting pressure and controlling the lane dynamics through his superior poking abilities.

From the outset, Vel’Koz uses his W and Q abilities to harass opponents, keeping them on their heels. Mastering his Q, a skill shot that can split at an angle, is crucial. A proficient Vel’Koz can consistently land these hits, forcing adversaries into a defensive stance, thereby reducing their aggression and preserving Ashe’s ability to farm freely.

Vel’Koz's ability to dominate a lane through sheer poking prowess often allows him to tilt the lane in his favor single-handedly. Opponents frequently find themselves at a health disadvantage, making them hesitant to engage, which in turn secures Ashe's farming phase.

When it comes to securing kills, Vel’Koz’s E provides crucial crowd control, setting Ashe up perfectly for follow-up attacks. This is especially potent after enemies have used their escape mechanisms, like Flash, with Vel’Koz's slows ensuring that Ashe can close in for the kill.

The duo's level 6 power spike is particularly deadly. Following a stun from Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow, Vel’Koz can unleash his ultimate, Life Form Disintegration Ray, to devastating effect, often annihilating a stunned target on the spot.

This powerful synergy not only establishes lane dominance but also extends into late-game team fights. Their combined ultimates can initiate engagements decisively, potentially swinging a team fight in their favor by quickly reducing the enemy numbers. This strategic alignment makes Ashe and Vel’Koz a terror on the Rift, capable of turning the tides of battle with well-timed coordination.

#4: Zyra

Zyra stands as a formidable mage support in League of Legends, renowned for her substantial magic damage output and extensive utility. For players seeking a more aggressive approach over a passive farming strategy, Zyra proves to be an exemplary choice.

During the laning phase, Zyra excels in harassment capabilities. Her Q and E abilities penetrate through minions, hitting all targets in their path, and her early damage output is exceptionally potent. This allows her to exert considerable pressure on the enemy bot lane from the outset.

Zyra's plants are instrumental in dictating the pace of the lane. They not only absorb enemy skill shots, reducing the effectiveness of opposing harassments, but also discourage prolonged engagements from the enemy duo. These plants further contribute to lane control by providing temporary vision, enhancing the duo's awareness and safety.

At level 6, the synergy between Ashe and Zyra becomes particularly lethal. Ashe's initiation with her R, Enchanted Crystal Arrow, can stun a key target, to which Zyra can swiftly respond with her deadly combo, culminating in her ultimate, Stranglethorns. This burst of combined damage often secures kills, making it a strategy worth repeating whenever their ultimates are off cooldown.

Moreover, Ashe and Zyra's strong crowd control and consistent damage output make them ideal for coordinating with their jungler to roam and gank mid lane. Their ability to lock down targets and deal substantial damage supports a proactive playstyle that can dominate mid-game phases and secure critical objectives. This aggressive roaming strategy not only disrupts the enemy mid-laner but also establishes map control, setting the stage for a dominant late-game presence.

#5: Morgana

Among the various mage supports suitable for Ashe, Morgana stands out as perhaps the most synergistic choice. Her kit directly addresses and mitigates many of the vulnerabilities inherent to Ashe as an ADC, making her an indispensable ally on the Rift.

Morgana's E, Black Shield, is a cornerstone of her protective capabilities. This ability not only blocks incoming magic damage but also prevents all forms of crowd control, ensuring that Ashe remains unhampered by stuns or roots. This is particularly vital for Ashe, who lacks innate mobility and relies heavily on her support to maintain her positioning and safety in skirmishes.

Moreover, Morgana's ability to control the battlefield with her crowd control tools is a game-changer. Her Q, Dark Binding, can root opponents for a lengthy period, effectively neutralizing threats before they can close in on Ashe. This allows Ashe to continuously deal damage safely from a distance.

The tactical interplay between Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) and Morgana's Dark Binding (Q) further enhances their effectiveness. Initiating with Ashe’s R to stun an opponent, followed by Morgana’s Q, can keep a key target out of action for over five seconds, a duration which often decides the outcome of a fight.

Given their formidable combined crowd control, Ashe and Morgana are also excellent at influencing other parts of the map. They are highly effective in joining forces with their jungler to gank mid or secure neutral objectives like Dragons and Rift Heralds. Opponents often hesitate to contest these objectives against such a powerful duo, especially post-level 6, allowing Ashe and Morgana to assert dominance over the game’s strategic resources. This duo not only secures kills and lanes but also commands presence and fear across the map, turning key objectives into near-guaranteed gains for their team.

#6: Seraphine

Since her introduction to League of Legends, Seraphine has proven to be an outstanding partner for Ashe, showcasing exceptional synergy that elevates both their gameplays. The combination of their abilities creates a duo that is both versatile and formidable from the very start of the game.

Seraphine's E, Beat Drop, gains increased effectiveness when combined with Ashe's slowing abilities. When an enemy is already slowed by Ashe, Seraphine's E transforms from a slow to a root, and when double cast, it becomes a stun. This interaction provides powerful crowd control capabilities starting at level 1, allowing the duo to control the pace of the lane and exert pressure continuously.

Additionally, Seraphine's range complements Ashe's, making them both effective at poking and harassing opponents from a safe distance. Seraphine's W, Surround Sound, is another key element of this partnership. It heals and shields nearby allies, offering robust defensive support that keeps Ashe in the fight longer, especially during critical moments.

At level 6, the combination of Ashe’s Enchanted Crystal Arrow and Seraphine’s Encore can nearly guarantee a kill. The seamless integration of their ultimates—Ashe's stun followed by Seraphine’s charm—results in extended crowd control, providing ample time to decisively overpower opponents.

Interestingly, the flexibility of Ashe and Seraphine allows them to swap roles effectively, with Ashe taking on the support role and Seraphine stepping in as the Attack Damage Carry (APC). This versatility is not only testament to their mutual compatibility but also enhances their strategic value, making them a dynamic and unpredictable pair in any match.


 The synergy between a marksman and their support can dramatically influence the dynamics of the bot lane and the game at large. For Ashe, selecting the right support is crucial to unlocking her full potential as a formidable ADC. Each of the supports discussed—Soraka, Zilean, Vel’Koz, Zyra, Morgana, and Seraphine—brings unique strengths that enhance Ashe's abilities, compensate for her vulnerabilities, and elevate her overall impact.

Whether through enhancing her survivability, boosting her mobility, or augmenting her crowd control capabilities, these supports create opportunities for Ashe to excel in various phases of the game. From the laning stage to late-game team fights, the right partnership allows Ashe to thrive, making strategic plays that can lead to securing objectives and ultimately, victories.

For players looking to maximize Ashe’s effectiveness, considering these optimal support pairings is key. Each duo offers distinct tactical advantages that can adapt to different playstyles and strategies, ensuring that Ashe remains a versatile and powerful choice on the battlefield. This exploration of support pairings not only highlights the importance of synergy in League of Legends but also provides a blueprint for players aiming to enhance their gameplay and climb the competitive ranks.

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