The 13 Best Split Pushers In League of Legends
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The 13 Best Split Pushers In League of Legends

Split pushing is a key strategy in League of Legends where a champion focuses on one lane to force the enemy to split up, creating advantages for their team elsewhere. For effective split pushing, a champion needs to be strong in fights, quick on their feet, and possibly have ways to teleport or escape.
Here, we list thirteen champions great at split pushing, each with their unique strengths for taking down turrets and dueling opponents.

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#1: Jax

Topping our list as a premiere split pusher is Jax, celebrated for his unmatched dueling prowess and swift turret destruction abilities.

"Relentless Assault," his passive, boosts his attack speed after each consecutive hit, turning him into an overwhelming adversary the longer he combats. This synergizes perfectly with "Grandmaster's Might," his ultimate, which not only toughens him up but also peppers every third hit with added magic damage, making him nearly unstoppable.

But Jax's toolkit doesn't stop there. "Leap Strike" lets him leap towards foes or allies alike, providing him with the versatility to initiate or flee as needed. This mobility, coupled with his potent offensive capabilities, particularly shines when armed with an item like Guinsoo's Rageblade.

In the realm of split pushing, Jax's rapid turret demolition, coupled with his stellar 1v1 prowess, means opponents often need to dispatch multiple champions to halt his advance. This strategic pressure allows Jax to divert attention and resources, giving his team free rein to capture objectives elsewhere.

#2: Tryndamere

Tryndamere carves his spot as a top-tier split pusher with his unparalleled capacity to invade, demolish objectives, and narrowly evade demise thanks to his ultimate, "Undying Rage." This powerful skill grants him temporary invincibility, emboldening him to undertake high-risk maneuvers without the threat of falling.

Armed with a potent combination of high critical strike rates and formidable attack strength, Tryndamere stands as a relentless force in any split push endeavor.

His prowess shines brightest when he’s tearing through enemy defenses and turrets, drawing the attention of multiple foes to contain his advance. This diversion often tips the scales in his team's favor elsewhere on the map, enabling them to seize control of vital objectives or tip team fights in their favor.

#3: Fiora

Fiora, perhaps a surprising contender for some, stands out as a superior choice for split pushing. Characterized by her impressive mobility and duel-winning capabilities, Fiora is a force to be reckoned with. Her passive, "Duelist's Dance," highlights vulnerable spots on her adversaries, dealing bonus damage upon successful hits, which significantly enhances her performance in single combat, even against more robust foes.

Her prowess in duels is further amplified when combined with her ultimate, "Grand Challenge," which targets an enemy champion, exposing their vulnerabilities. Each successful strike not only damages but also grants Fiora a burst of speed, making her nearly unstoppable.

This combination of speed, damage, and outmaneuvering capabilities renders Fiora an exceptional split pusher. She's capable of demolishing turrets with ease while maintaining the upper hand in encounters against any who dare challenge her, solidifying her position among the elite split pushers of the League.

#4: Camille

When it comes to unmatched mobility and the capability to evade precarious situations effortlessly, Camille stands out as the unparalleled choice. Known for her agility and formidable ability to confine opponents, Camille embodies the terror of split pushing, posing a formidable challenge for her adversaries.

Her "Hookshot" skill, a testament to her agility, allows her to navigate walls with ease, eluding capture or pursuit with unparalleled finesse. This very mobility grants her the ability to move swiftly across lanes, rendering her movements unpredictable and her presence omnipresent.

Camille's prowess doesn't end with her mobility; her ability to deal rapid damage, particularly with her "Precision Protocol" skill, enhances her turret destruction capabilities. This skill not only inflicts additional damage but also resets her attack timer, enabling swift and repeated strikes against structures.

Camille's fusion of explosive damage, unmatched mobility, and the power to immobilize makes her an extraordinary force in split pushing. Capable of demolishing defenses and vanishing before adversaries can mount a response, Camille defines the essence of an effective split pusher.

#5: Nasus 

Nasus, the embodiment of late-game dominance, stands as a formidable force in split pushing. His unique strength lies in his "Siphoning Strike," a skill that offers him the power of infinite scaling. With each successful strike, Nasus not only augments his damage but also becomes a burgeoning threat against structures, his might growing with every stack garnered.

The resilience of Nasus is equally pivotal to his split pushing efficacy. Thanks to his "Soul Eater" passive, Nasus enjoys a significant life steal, ensuring his endurance through prolonged encounters and tower sieges. When his ultimate is activated, Nasus transforms into an indomitable behemoth, gaining not only a substantial boost to his health but also enhancing his area damage and attack range.

This combination of ever-increasing power, sustainability, and formidable tankiness positions Nasus as a late-game colossus. With the capacity to single-handedly dismantle turrets and emerge victorious in duels, Nasus can lead his team to triumph with strategic split pushing prowess.

#6: Yorick

Yorick occupies a unique niche in the realm of split pushing, leveraging his command over the dead to pressure multiple lanes independently. His passive, "Shepherd of Souls," breathes life into the battlefield, raising Mist Walkers from the remains of the fallen. These spectral minions don't just serve as Yorick's relentless underlings; they extend his will across the map, assaulting enemy champions and fortifications alike.

The true essence of Yorick's split pushing capability shines through his strategic utilization of these Mist Walkers. By orchestrating their assault, Yorick can simultaneously challenge multiple lanes, forcing adversaries into difficult decisions. Should the Mist Walkers prove insufficient, Yorick's ultimate, "Eulogy of the Isles," calls forth the Maiden of the Mist. This formidable ally amplifies his siege capabilities, turning the tide of structural warfare in his favor. Through his dominion over the dead, Yorick exemplifies a split pushing force to be reckoned with, commanding lanes and crumbling defenses with an undead legion at his back.

#7: Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate excels not just as a magician but as a master strategist, wielding his "Destiny" ultimate to orchestrate the battlefield from afar. This unparalleled global presence enables him to swiftly transition from a lone split pusher to a critical participant in team skirmishes, effectively making him the Shen of ranged champions.

While engaged in the art of split pushing, Twisted Fate remains vigilant, ready to deploy his ultimate to reinforce his team or turn the tides of an isolated encounter. His "Wild Cards" ability further amplifies his lane pressure, compelling adversaries to divert their attention towards him. This strategic maneuvering by Twisted Fate opens up the map, allowing his team to capture key objectives or engage in advantageous battles, showcasing his role as a pivotal architect of victory.

#8: Shen

Mentioned earlier for his map-wide influence, Shen secures his place as a premier split pusher with his robust "Stand United" ability. This stalwart defender excels in maintaining lane pressure, seamlessly blending his role as a durable front-liner with the tactical acumen to support allies across the map.

Shen's defining feature is undoubtedly his ultimate, enabling him to teleport to an ally's side and provide a protective shield. As he diligently pushes a lane, Shen remains ever-vigilant, ready to deploy "Stand United" to turn the tide of team engagements. His global impact not only pressures the enemy team but also complicates their strategic planning, as they juggle between addressing his split push threat and countering his potential to sway team fights.

#9: Teemo

Teemo, often underestimated in the realm of split pushing, brings to the battlefield a stealthy and infuriating playstyle. This diminutive scout excels in guerrilla warfare, laying a minefield of toxic mushrooms across the map. These traps not only slow down pursuers but also grant Teemo crucial vision, allowing him to navigate and manipulate the battlefield with cunning precision.

His strategy hinges on a hit-and-run tactic, using his "Move Quick" ability for swift escapes and his mushrooms to deter or damage followers. This makes Teemo a formidable presence in a lane, forcing the enemy team to allocate resources carefully or risk stumbling into his explosive traps, thereby hampering their ability to effectively engage or counter his split pushing endeavors.

#10: Quinn

Quinn distinguishes herself as an agile marksman, wielding the unique capability to dominate the split push game through her unparalleled map mobility. Her signature move, "Behind Enemy Lines," metamorphoses her into Valor, her avian companion, granting her extraordinary speed to dart across the battlefield. This unmatched mobility not only empowers her to exert pressure across distant lanes but also facilitates swift reinforcements during team skirmishes.

In the throes of a split push, Quinn leverages her potent burst damage and advantageous range to swiftly eliminate adversaries and demolish turrets. Her tactical "Vault" maneuver ensures she can maintain a safe distance from impending threats or aggressively pursue fleeing foes, solidifying her as a fearsome contender in solo encounters. Quinn's dynamic adaptability and swift traversal capability render her an invaluable asset for teams seeking a split pusher who can effortlessly pivot between applying lane pressure and engaging in crucial team confrontations.

#11: Sion

Sion, the Colossus, stands as a formidable force in the realm of split pushing, thanks to his incredible durability and the sheer power to lay waste to structures. His unique blend of tankiness and siege capability makes him an exceptional choice for teams looking to apply pressure across the map. Sion's "Decimating Smash" and "Soul Furnace" abilities provide him with the resilience and damage output necessary to endure enemy onslaughts and persist in his push.

One of Sion's most distinguishing features as a split pusher is his "Unstoppable Onslaught" ultimate. This ability allows him to charge across the map at high speed, crashing through enemy lines or swiftly rotating to join his team, making him an unpredictable threat that can appear in the blink of an eye. Coupled with his passive, "Glory in Death," Sion can continue to wreak havoc even after falling in battle, ensuring that his presence is felt long after he's been dealt with.

Moreover, Sion's capability to clear minion waves with ease and his exceptional prowess in demolishing turrets with his empowered auto-attacks solidify his position as a top-tier split pusher. His ability to soak up damage and distract multiple enemies allows his team to secure objectives elsewhere, making Sion an invaluable asset in any split pushing strategy.

#12: Master Yi

Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman, is an indomitable split pusher, feared for his lightning-fast turret destruction and unmatched dueling skills. With his rapid attack speed and devastating true damage, he effortlessly demolishes objectives, making him a constant threat on the map. His sustainability in skirmishes, courtesy of "Meditate," allows him to outlast opponents and maintain pressure across lanes.

Master Yi's prowess in one-on-one combat is unmatched. His "Alpha Strike" not only enables him to evade enemy attacks by becoming momentarily untargetable but also inflicts damage on surrounding foes. When paired with his enhanced attack speed and "Wuju Style," which amplifies his basic attacks with additional true damage, he becomes a nightmare for anyone daring to thwart his split pushing efforts. This combination of evasiveness, sustain, and raw damage output solidifies Master Yi as a top-tier choice for teams looking to capitalize on split pushing tactics.

#13: Kayle

Securing the concluding position on our roster is Kayle, the celestial warrior whose late-game transformation renders her an unstoppable force in split pushing. Emerging from the early game's vulnerabilities, Kayle ascends to become a split pushing powerhouse, leveraging her escalating power to dismantle objectives with ease.

The linchpin in her split pushing arsenal is her ultimate, "Divine Judgment." This ability cloaks Kayle or an ally in invulnerability, defying all incoming damage for critical moments. This divine protection not only makes her a daunting challenge for adversaries to dispatch but also emboldens her to venture deep into hostile grounds, focusing on obliterating structures. Kayle's ability to withstand enemy onslaughts, especially during crucial split pushing moments, earns her a distinguished spot among League's elite split pushers, showcasing the transformative power of righteous might.


In the dynamic battlegrounds of League of Legends, mastering the art of split pushing can pivot the scales of victory in your favor. The champions highlighted in this guide, from Jax's relentless siege to Kayle's celestial invulnerability, embody the pinnacle of split pushing prowess. Each brings a unique set of abilities to the table, capable of pressuring lanes, dismantling turrets, and compelling the enemy team into challenging decisions.

As you embark on your quest for dominance, consider these champions your sword and shield in the intricate dance of split pushing. Remember, the key to successful split pushing lies not only in selecting the right champion but also in understanding the nuances of timing, map awareness, and team coordination. Embrace these principles, and you'll find yourself tearing through enemy defenses, leading your team to glory. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a strategic newcomer, the path to victory is paved with the tireless efforts of champions who dare to push the limits.

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