Best League Of Legends Champions For ARAM Of All Time
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Best League Of Legends Champions For ARAM Of All Time

League of Legends offers a variety of game modes catering to both casual players and those seeking to climb the competitive ladder. Among these, ARAM (All Random All Mid) stands out as a fan favorite. In ARAM, players are assigned random champions from the full roster, with the option for occasional re-rolls to spice things up. This mode emphasizes quick matches, constant team fights, and strategy adaptation based on the given champion lineup. Here’s a look at some of the best champions that can help you excel in ARAM.

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#1: Singed

Singed excels in the chaotic environment of ARAM with his unique ability to disrupt enemy formations and deal continuous damage. His passive increases his movement speed when near other champions, allowing him to swiftly engage or retreat as needed. This makes him particularly effective at initiating unexpected encounters.

His main offensive tool, the Q ability Poison Trail, leaves a damaging cloud that continuously harms any enemies who pass through it, perfect for the narrow corridors of the ARAM map. Additionally, Singed's E ability, Fling, is ideal for isolating key targets; he can toss an enemy back into his team or into his W, Mega Adhesive, which roots them briefly if they're caught in the goo after being flung. This combination of mobility, crowd control, and area denial makes Singed a formidable presence in any ARAM game.

#2: Illaoi

In ARAM, drawing Illaoi as your champion can spell doom for your opponents due to her immense power and durability. Illaoi is uniquely capable of functioning as a frontline tank while simultaneously dealing significant damage, a trait that can turn the tide of battle in the confined spaces of the ARAM map.

Her passive, Prophet of the Elder God, spawns tentacles on nearby terrain, which strike enemies when she uses her W, Harsh Lesson. This ability not only enhances her basic attacks but also allows her to reach and damage enemies from afar. Illaoi’s E, Test of Spirit, pulls the spirit from an opponent, which, when attacked, causes damage to both the spirit and the connected enemy. This can wreak havoc in team fights, especially when multiple tentacles are in play.

Additionally, Illaoi’s ability to heal from enemies hit by her tentacles makes her exceptionally resilient in sustained fights. Her blend of high survivability, area control, and potent damage output makes her a top-tier pick in ARAM, where she can dominate the battlefield and withstand considerable punishment from the enemy team.

#3: Lillia

Lillia shines in ARAM with her ability to continuously harass and control the enemy team. Her entire kit revolves around her Sleepy Dust passive, which applies a debuff that stacks and eventually puts enemies to sleep, setting up potential game-changing plays.

Lillia's agility is enhanced by her passive, which grants her increased movement speed whenever she hits an enemy with her abilities. This makes her exceptionally good at both engaging and disengaging, allowing her to weave in and out of combat to apply her passive or finish off weakened foes. When equipped with items like Liandry's Anguish and Demonic Embrace, Lillia becomes a persistent threat, her abilities burning through enemy health bars over time.

For optimal impact in ARAM, players should consider selecting the Snowball summoner spell when playing Lillia. This enhances her ability to engage at close range, where she can effectively use her Q, Blooming Blows, and her W, Watch Out! Eep!, to deal substantial damage. Following up with her ultimate, Lilting Lullaby, Lillia can incapacitate multiple enemies at once, stunning them and setting the stage for her team to capitalize on her crowd control. This combination of mobility, damage, and crowd control makes Lillia a formidable force in the fast-paced skirmishes of ARAM.

#4: Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser thrives in the frenetic clashes of ARAM, where his versatile build paths and powerful abilities allow him to dominate. Depending on the team’s needs, he can opt for Ability Power to maximize damage or build Tank items to enhance his durability.

Mordekaiser's optimal item choices often include Liandry's Anguish for its burning damage over time, paired with Rylai's Crystal Scepter to slow enemies, making it difficult for them to escape his grasp. This combination not only increases his damage output but also his control over enemy movements.

The true power of Mordekaiser, however, is exemplified in his ultimate, Realm of Death. By using his E, Death's Grasp, he can pull a key opponent toward him, then isolate them in a one-on-one duel within the Realm of Death. This ability effectively removes a high-value target from the battlefield, shifting the odds in his team's favor and allowing them to focus on outnumbered enemies. This strategic removal of an opponent can decisively impact the outcome of team fights, making Mordekaiser a feared and formidable presence in any ARAM match.

#5: Neeko

Neeko thrives in the unique environment of ARAM, where her ability to initiate surprising attacks is highly effective. A particularly potent tool for Neeko in this mode is the ARAM-specific Summoner Spell, Snowball. This spell allows her to mark an enemy with a snowball and, upon reactivation, teleport directly to them, setting the stage for high-impact plays.

Neeko's ultimate, Pop Blossom, requires a few seconds to charge before unleashing a powerful stun in a large area around her. By using Snowball, Neeko can cleverly close the distance to the enemy team, ensuring her ultimate lands precisely when and where it's needed. The surprise factor of her sudden appearance, combined with the lockdown provided by her ultimate, creates a prime opportunity for devastating follow-up by her team.

Additionally, her E, Tangle-Barbs, can snare multiple enemies in line, further enhancing her ability to control the battlefield. When these abilities are synchronized, Neeko not only has the potential to disrupt and damage multiple opponents but also to set up scenarios where securing multiple eliminations — or even a Penta-kill — becomes a tangible possibility. This makes her a formidable champion in ARAM, capable of turning the tides of battle with her deceptive and explosive engagements.

#6: Janna

In the realm of ARAM, Janna stands out as one of the most effective enchanters, providing unparalleled support that can greatly amplify a team's staying power and offensive capabilities. Her skills are particularly suited to the narrow confines of the Howling Abyss, making her an invaluable asset in any team composition.

Janna's E, Eye of the Storm, not only shields an ally but also grants them a significant bonus to attack damage, which is a boon for ADCs who thrive on the ARAM map. This ability ensures that her team can both sustain through enemy barrages and retaliate with increased potency.

Her Q, Howling Gale, launches a tornado that gains speed and damage as it travels, which can be challenging for opponents to dodge given the limited space in ARAM. This makes it an excellent tool for both engaging and disengaging, serving as disruptive crowd control or as a poking tool to whittle down enemy health.

Janna's ultimate, Monsoon, has the dual capability of knocking back enemies, interrupting their engagements, and healing her allies over time. This can be a game-changer in the thick of battle, turning the tide by simultaneously thwarting enemy attacks and bolstering her team's resilience.

With these abilities, Janna not only secures her place as a top-tier enchanter in ARAM but also as a key player capable of shaping the outcome of clashes with her defensive prowess and offensive support.

#7: Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank excels across all game modes, including ARAM, where his role as a formidable frontliner and disruptor truly shines. His kit is specifically designed to control enemy positioning and create advantageous situations for his team.

Central to Blitzcrank’s arsenal is his Q ability, Rocket Grab, which allows him to reach out and pull an enemy champion towards him and his team. This ability is especially effective in ARAM's narrow lane, where dodging is more challenging. Following up a successful grab with his E ability, Power Fist, he can knock up the grabbed target, further disrupting their positioning and rendering them vulnerable to follow-up attacks from his team.

Additionally, Blitzcrank's role as a tank is crucial in protecting his teammates and absorbing damage. When paired with the Snowball summoner spell in ARAM, Blitzcrank can initiate more aggressively, diving into the fray to maximize the impact of his crowd control abilities.

His ultimate, Static Field, not only deals significant area damage but also silences enemies around him, preventing them from casting spells in critical moments. This combination of displacement, crowd control, and silencing makes Blitzcrank a key player in any ARAM team, particularly effective in compositions that thrive on all-in engagements.

#8: Veigar

Veigar, with his potential for infinite scaling, is a powerhouse in ARAM, where frequent skirmishes allow him to rapidly accumulate Ability Power (AP). Each time Veigar lands an ability on an enemy or secures a kill with one, he gains additional AP, which can escalate to formidable levels due to the constant presence of opponents in the confined space of the Howling Abyss.

A key aspect of Veigar's kit in ARAM is his Event Horizon (E), a cage that can stun enemies who pass through its perimeter. This ability is crucial for both defensive maneuvers and initiating fights, as it can trap opponents in place, setting them up perfectly for follow-up attacks from his team.

Veigar's ultimate, Primordial Burst, is a potent burst damage tool that becomes increasingly dangerous as he gathers more AP. It targets a single enemy, dealing massive damage that increases based on the target's missing health, making it a constant threat to all opponents, especially as they wear down over the course of the game.

In ARAM, Veigar's ability to control zones with his stun and unleash devastating bursts of damage makes him a constant threat, ensuring that he remains a high-priority target and a formidable force throughout the match.

#9: Morgana

In the intense skirmishes of ARAM, crowd control (CC) is incredibly valuable, and Morgana excels as one of the top picks for her ability to both apply and deny CC effectively. Known as the queen of control, her kit offers a blend of offensive and defensive capabilities that can turn the tide of battle.

Morgana's Q, Dark Binding, is notorious for its lengthy root, which can immobilize an enemy for several seconds. This ability is particularly effective in ARAM's narrow lane, where landing a Dark Binding often guarantees significant follow-up damage from her W, Tormented Shadow. This damaging area-of-effect (AoE) spell capitalizes on the root by eroding the health of any caught within its grasp.

Her ultimate, Soul Shackles, enhances her teamfight presence significantly. When activated, Morgana chains herself to nearby enemies, potentially stunning those who remain within range at the end of its duration. This makes her a formidable initiator or counter-initiator in crowded fights.

Not to be overlooked, Morgana's E, Black Shield, is a critical part of her arsenal. It protects a targeted ally from CC and absorbs magical damage, which is invaluable in a mode like ARAM, where magical and disabling effects are prevalent.

Morgana's ability to control the battlefield with her roots and shields, combined with the threat of her ultimate, makes her an essential pick in any ARAM lineup, capable of swaying engagements in her team's favor.

#10: Lux

Lux stands out as one of the premier champions in ARAM, thanks to her devastating burst potential and exceptional poke capabilities. Her ability to control the flow of battle from a distance makes her a formidable opponent in the single-lane chaos of ARAM.

Lux's strength lies in her lethal combination of Q (Light Binding), E (Lucent Singularity), and R (Final Spark). Light Binding can snare two enemies in quick succession, setting them up perfectly for the follow-up damage from Lucent Singularity and her ultimate. When executed properly, this combo can decimate multiple enemies at once, especially when Lux has accumulated sufficient power through itemization.

Her poke capability is another critical aspect of her gameplay. Lucent Singularity provides consistent area damage that can harass and soften up the opposing team, making them vulnerable to further assaults. Additionally, Lux's ultimate, Final Spark, features an exceptionally long range that can cover a significant portion of the ARAM map. This wide reach, combined with its high damage, makes it a formidable tool that is hard for enemies to dodge in the confined space of Howling Abyss.

Lux's ability to safely deliver high amounts of damage from a distance, combined with her potent crowd control, renders her one of the best champions to roll in ARAM. Her presence not only pressures the enemy team constantly but also secures crucial kills that can swing the momentum of the game.

#11: Ezreal

Ezreal remains a steadfast choice in ARAM, thriving with his quartet of ranged skill shots that allow him to consistently engage enemies from a distance. His straightforward and effective combat strategy involves unleashing his abilities in the enemy's direction while maintaining safety with his E, Arcane Shift.

In ARAM, Ezreal's flexibility shines as he can opt for traditional AD builds or explore AP configurations, which significantly enhance the damage potential of his Ultimate, Trueshot Barrage. This ability becomes particularly lethal in ARAM, where its long-range can traverse nearly the entire length of the map, dealing substantial damage to all enemies in its path.

This capability to switch between AD and AP builds allows Ezreal to adapt based on his team's needs and the composition of his opponents. Whether peppering the enemy with Mystic Shots or delivering devastating bursts with an AP-enhanced Trueshot Barrage, Ezreal's versatility and mobility make him a perpetual threat in the narrow confines of the Howling Abyss.

#12: Jhin

Jhin stands out as one of the premier marksmen in ARAM, with abilities perfectly suited to the constrained environment of the Howling Abyss. His kit's synergy and long-range capabilities make him a formidable presence on the battlefield.

Jhin's W, Deadly Flourish, exemplifies his prowess, offering long-range engagement that can snare enemies already struck by his teammates' attacks. This ability not only secures kills but also helps control the pace of the fight by restricting enemy movement across the narrow lane.

However, it's Jhin's ultimate, Curtain Call, that truly shines in ARAM. This ability can cover the entire lane, delivering four high-damage shots that slow and can critically strike enemies. This long-range barrage provides Jhin with the unique ability to finish off fleeing opponents or soften up the enemy team from a safe distance.

Additionally, Jhin’s passive grants bursts of movement speed after attacking, enhancing his survivability and enabling him to reposition effectively in the chaotic skirmishes typical of ARAM. His ability to deliver potent damage from afar, coupled with his mobility, solidifies Jhin as one of the best champions for maintaining pressure and securing kills in ARAM, making him a top pick for players looking to dominate in this fast-paced mode.+


In the fast-paced, action-packed setting of ARAM in League of Legends, selecting the right champion can significantly influence the outcome of the game. From the disruptive capabilities of Singed to the long-range artillery of Jhin, each champion discussed brings unique strengths that can be leveraged to dominate the single-lane fray of the Howling Abyss. Whether through crowd control, burst damage, or healing abilities, understanding and utilizing these champions' skills is key to gaining an edge over the opposition.

Players should consider not only individual prowess but also how these champions synergize with potential team compositions to maximize their impact in ARAM. By mastering these recommended champions and adapting to the dynamic environment of ARAM, players can enhance their gameplay experience, achieve more consistent victories, and enjoy the thrill of this beloved game mode to its fullest. Whether you're looking to disrupt enemy lines, deliver devastating blows, or support your team through strategic plays, this guide offers a foundation for becoming a formidable opponent in the Howling Abyss.

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