The Best CS2 Music Kits in 2024
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The Best CS2 Music Kits in 2024

Music plays a pivotal role in gaming, much like it does in our daily lives, setting the tone and enhancing the immersive experience of every session. In CS2, while the default soundtrack does its job, prolonged exposure might lead you to seek a refreshing change. This is where CS2 Music Kits come into play, allowing players to customize the auditory backdrop of their matches with unique tracks, transforming the standard audio into something more personalized and dynamic.

At 1v9, we understand the impact that the right music can have on your gaming experience. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of the finest Music Kits available for CS2, aiming to make your choice simpler with a guide to the top 10 Music Kits of all time. Whether you’re looking to replace the game’s original tunes or just want a new vibe for your battles, these Music Kits offer a variety of auditory flavors to suit any mood or preference.

Join us as we dive into the best CS2 Music Kits that 2024 has to offer, and remember, music is subjective — our picks are based on popular opinion and personal preference, so explore these soundtracks and find the perfect one to score your gaming victories!

#1: EZ4ENCE by The Vekkars

Starting our list is “EZ4ENCE” by The Vekkars, widely considered one of the most iconic Music Kits in CS history. This track pays homage to team ENCE’s remarkable journey during the 2019 Major, where they transcended their underdog status and meme reputation to become finalists. The catchy tune quickly became a fan favorite, resonating with the community to such an extent that it’s almost an anthem, with most CS fans knowing the lyrics by heart. Whether you’re a die-hard ENCE supporter or just looking for a tune that captures the spirit of competition, “EZ4ENCE” is a must-have for your CS2 music collection.

#2: bbno$, “u mad!”

The second entry on our list is “u mad!” by the Canadian rapper bbno$. This track carries a distinctly provocative edge, as suggested by its official description, which alludes to a somewhat toxic atmosphere. Perfect for those moments of triumph in CS2, the song’s lyrics taunt opponents with lines like “Are you mad? Why are you mad?”—making it an ideal backdrop for games where you dominate the competition and push rivals to their limits. It’s a music kit that not only enhances the gaming experience but also intensifies the psychological aspect of competition.

#3: Scarlxrd, “CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT.”

Elevate the intensity of your CS2 gameplay with “CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT.” by Scarlxrd, a renowned British rapper known for his unique and aggressive musical style. This track is perfect for players who thrive in the midst of powerful battles and value the camaraderie of dependable teammates. If you’re looking to inject some fiery energy into your gaming sessions, adding this Music Kit to your collection might just be the move. Scarlxrd’s distinctive approach to music brings a raw, energetic vibe that’s ideal for enhancing the dynamic and high-stakes environment of Counter-Strike 2.

#4: Beartooth, “Aggressive”

Switching gears from rap to hard rock, the next Music Kit in our lineup features tracks from the album “Aggressive” by the American band Beartooth. This kit offers an instrumental powerhouse that fuels the adrenaline without the distraction of lyrics, making it perfect for immersing yourself in the high-octane world of CS2. The raw energy of Beartooth’s music is ideal for players who want to channel their focus into intense, strategic battles. Add this kit to your arsenal to enhance your gameplay with a backdrop of compelling and motivational rock music that’s designed to keep you engaged and pumped during each match.

#5: Disgusting by Beartooth

For enthusiasts of rock, metal, and hardcore genres, “Disgusting” by Beartooth is an essential addition to your CS2 music collection. As a prominent hardcore band from the US, Beartooth has not one, but two Music Kits featured in the game, both of which are highly accessible in terms of affordability. If you’re a rock aficionado playing CS2, these kits are practically indispensable. Packed with the intense energy and raw power that Beartooth is known for, this Music Kit will undoubtedly elevate the auditory experience of your gaming sessions, making it a top pick for anyone looking to infuse their gameplay with a hardcore vibe.

#6: Scarlxrd: King, Scar

Featuring again on our list is another compelling track by Scarlxrd, titled “King, Scar.” This piece may initially deceive listeners with a seemingly more relaxed opening, but it quickly dispels any notions of tranquility, mirroring the deceptive calm before a storm. Much like a strategic player who appears unassuming on CS2 maps only to unleash decisive, game-changing moves, “King, Scar” builds into a powerful crescendo that epitomizes victory and team triumph. This track is perfect for players who embody a quiet intensity, ready to explode into action and lead their team to victory with each round.

#7: Skog, III-Arena

The “III-Arena” by Skog is a CS2 Music Kit that masterfully oscillates between inspiration and intensity, reflecting the very essence of competitive gameplay. As the music transitions from motivational melodies to heart-pounding rhythms, it encapsulates the emotional highs and lows experienced during intense matches. This dynamic soundtrack is a perfect parallel to the ideal gameplay experience where players are encouraged to continuously learn and sharpen their skills, strategize boldly, execute rapid and decisive actions, and communicate seamlessly—all with the ultimate goal of clinching victory. “III-Arena” not only sets the stage for thrilling gameplay but also serves as an auditory metaphor for the strategic and energetic spirit required in CS2 matches.

#8: Mord Fustang, Diamonds

Inject a dose of cheer into your gaming sessions with “Diamonds” by Mord Fustang. This Music Kit from the talented Estonian DJ offers a refreshing blend of light beats and ethereal sounds, perfect for brightening up your gameplay. The experimental nature of this music genre adds an innovative and playful twist, making it a great soundtrack for those days when you’re feeling upbeat and victorious. Let “Diamonds” be the soundtrack to your success, accompanying you through each thrilling match with a vibe that’s as uplifting as it is energizing.


For those CS2 players who thrive under a calm and composed atmosphere, the “I Am” Music Kit by AWOLNATION is a perfect match. This soundtrack provides a tranquil backdrop that helps temper the high stakes and tension often found in competitive matches. Ideal for players who prefer to focus intently on the strategic movements and teamwork within the game, this track by the renowned American rock band is anything but dull. It subtly enhances the gaming experience with its mellow yet uplifting tones, fostering a sense of relaxed joy and boosting confidence with its positive vibes.

#10: Various Artists, Hotline Miami

If you’re familiar with the relentless pace and brutal challenges of Hotline Miami, you’ll understand why its soundtrack is a stellar choice for CS2. The game, known for its tough gameplay where you must eliminate all adversaries without taking a single hit, demands precision and quick reflexes—qualities that CS2 players know all too well.

The soundtrack, featuring various artists, encapsulates the intense, pulse-pounding atmosphere of Hotline Miami, making it an excellent auditory companion for CS2 gameplay. It’s designed to enhance concentration and encourage a methodical approach to each match. Just as success in Hotline Miami comes from practice and perfecting each move, CS2 rewards those who diligently refine their strategies and skills. With this Music Kit, bring some of that gritty, adrenaline-fueled energy to your CS2 sessions and amplify your focus and readiness to execute flawless plays.


Exploring the top CS2 Music Kits offers a fresh perspective on how customized soundtracks can significantly enhance your gaming experience. Each of the kits we’ve highlighted brings its own flavor and atmosphere to the table, transforming ordinary gameplay into immersive and emotionally charged sessions. Whether you’re drawn to the catchy anthems of esports legends, the energetic beats of electronic dance music, or the intense rhythms of rock, there’s a music kit designed to suit your mood and play style.

Incorporating these music kits into your CS2 gameplay not only sets the tone for your matches but can also influence your performance by keeping you focused, energized, and more in tune with the game. As you consider which music kit to integrate into your next session, remember that the right soundtrack can be just as crucial as your in-game strategy. Embrace the power of music to elevate your Counter-Strike 2 experience.

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