Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Xerath in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Duo With Xerath in League of Legends

Xerath, a mage champion in League of Legends, has successfully transitioned into a support role, similar to Vel’Koz and Brand. His role in the bot lane is characterized by his exceptional poking capabilities and a crowd control skill that can be used for both initiating team fights and providing peel. This versatility allows Xerath to remain relevant throughout the game, potentially shifting into a carry role if needed. However, his vulnerability to flanking maneuvers makes his pairing with an ADC crucial for lane dominance.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top five ADCs that synergize best with Xerath, enhancing both his strengths and mitigating his weaknesses to dominate the bot lane.

#1: Varus

Varus is an excellent choice to pair with Xerath due to their shared proficiency in long-range poking. Varus not only inflicts grievous wounds on his enemies, slowing them down, but he also excels at delivering potent poke from a distance. This synergy allows both champions to effectively harass opponents from behind the fog of war, catching them off guard. The surprise element minimizes the enemies’ ability to dodge and respond, enhancing the duo’s control over the lane. Together, Varus and Xerath form a relentless poking duo that can dominate their opponents with precision and unexpected strikes.

#2: Vayne

When paired with Vayne, Xerath shifts the typical bot lane dynamics. Often, ADCs supported by enchanters or utility supports become primary targets due to the perceived lower threat from the support. However, Xerath’s potent damage output ensures he cannot be overlooked. His ability to outdamage Vayne in many scenarios compels enemies to reconsider their focus. During team fights, if the opposition targets Vane, Xerath can unleash his full arsenal of skills unhampered by positioning concerns. His capabilities extend beyond mere damage; he can utilize his stun and the slowing effect of his W to peel effectively for Vayne, enhancing her survivability. Moreover, Xerath excels at securing kills on fleeing enemies, ensuring that no target escapes lightly. This partnership not only disrupts enemy strategies but also firmly controls the pace and outcome of engagements.

#3: Kai’Sa

Kai’Sa and Xerath make a formidable duo thanks to their complementary abilities, especially when it comes to long-range attacks and finishes. Xerath, known for his extensive casting range, can significantly whittle down enemy health from afar, setting the stage for Kai’Sa. With her ultimate, Killer Instinct, Kai’Sa can swiftly dash to enemies that Xerath has damaged, capitalizing on their weakened state.

Kai’Sa excels in 1v1 scenarios, especially with her enhanced damage from Isolated Icathian Rain against solitary targets. While Xerath’s ultimate can be devastating, its projectiles are sometimes dodged by nimble opponents. However, Kai’Sa can quickly close the gap and eliminate any survivors with her precise and deadly burst damage, ensuring that no enemy escapes after an initial assault by Xerath. This synergy not only maximizes their individual strengths but also keeps their adversaries on constant alert, unable to safely disengage or retaliate effectively.

#4: Lucian

Lucian is an exceptional pairing with Xerath due to his agility and responsiveness in combat. Equipped with the ability to dash across the battlefield, Lucian can capitalize swiftly on the openings created by Xerath’s stuns. This makes him especially dangerous in skirmishes, as each of his abilities grants a passive double shot, enhancing his burst potential.

In lane, this duo thrives on aggressive play. Lucian’s propensity for quick, decisive engagements complements Xerath’s long-range artillery. When Lucian initiates, Xerath can seamlessly follow up with his Arcanopulse (Q) to deliver powerful bursts from a distance. Together, they create a dynamic force, continuously pressuring their opponents and controlling the pace of the lane, making it challenging for enemies to find safe footing or retaliate effectively.

#5: Caitlyn

Caitlyn stands out as an ideal ADC to pair with Xerath, thanks to her ability to effectively capitalize on his long-range assaults. Known for her sniper-like precision, Caitlyn’s skills allow her to maintain pressure on opponents from great distances, making it nearly impossible for them to escape unscathed.

In the early game, Caitlyn typically adopts a more conservative approach, focusing on farming due to her reliance on core items to amplify her damage output. During this phase, Xerath becomes crucial in keeping the lane pressure high. His arsenal of spells, which he can cast frequently due to low cooldowns, helps maintain lane dominance. Xerath’s passive skill further enhances his lane sustainability by restoring mana with each auto-attack on cooldown, allowing him to cast spells liberally. When combined with the mana-boosting runes like Presence of Mind and Manaflow Band, Xerath can effectively manage his mana pool to continue his barrage of abilities.

This strategy allows Caitlyn the time and safety needed to scale into her powerful mid-to-late game, while Xerath ensures their lane’s dominance and potential for early takedowns through continuous harassment and control. Together, Caitlyn and Xerath form a duo that can dictate the flow of their lane, gradually building a lead that can translate into greater control in later stages of the game.


Pairing Xerath with the right ADC can profoundly impact the dynamics of the bot lane in League of Legends. The synergistic relationships between Xerath and champions like Varus, Vayne, Kai’Sa, Lucian, and Caitlyn not only enhance their individual strengths but also create powerful duos capable of dominating their opponents. Each ADC brings a unique set of skills that complement Xerath’s ability to control the lane and deal substantial poke damage from a distance. Whether it’s capitalizing on burst damage, following up on crowd control, or sustaining lane pressure, these pairings are designed to exploit specific strengths and cover weaknesses. This guide should help players understand the strategic value of each pairing and how to maximize their potential for controlling and winning their lane, setting the stage for overall game success.

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