Top 7 Best ADCs With Soraka to Pair in League of Legends
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Top 7 Best ADCs With Soraka to Pair in League of Legends

Experiencing a lane against Soraka can be incredibly frustrating. Her rapid cooldowns allow her to continually heal her ADC, maintaining their health even after the most aggressive trades. More than just a healer, Soraka is a formidable presence in the lane due to her Q ability, which not only slows opponents but accelerates her, enabling frequent healing bursts. Additionally, her instant-cast silence can disrupt enemy tactics without warning, making her an exceptional protector and harasser for her ADC.

While Soraka's versatile support skills complement nearly any ADC, certain pairings amplify her effectiveness, particularly during lane phases and critical team fights. This blog will highlight the top seven ADC champions that synergize exceptionally well with Soraka, enhancing both survivability and lane dominance.

#1: Kog’Maw

Pairing Kog'Maw with Soraka turns the bot lane into a latent powerhouse. In the early game, Kog'Maw's primary focus is on staying alive and accumulating farm, a task made easier with Soraka's prolific healing abilities. As Kog'Maw reaches his core items, the duo becomes increasingly formidable.

Soraka's relentless sustain and her capacity to silence opponents provide Kog'Maw with the security to aggressively use his Bio-Arcane Barrage and Living Artillery without fear of retaliation. This combination thrives in prolonged engagements, where Kog'Maw acts as a relentless damage dealer and Soraka ensures he remains a constant threat on the battlefield.

#2: Ezreal

Ezreal and Soraka form one of the safest bot lane pairings in League of Legends, rivaling even the stalwart Ezreal and Yuumi duo for security and lane stability.

Ezreal’s strategy centers on farming from a distance using his Q, Arcane Shift, which synergizes seamlessly with Soraka’s healing prowess. This tactic allows Soraka to maintain a safe distance from threats while continually keeping Ezreal topped off with health. Should Ezreal ever find himself in a precarious position, his E, Arcane Shift, provides a reliable escape mechanism, with Soraka ready to quickly restore his health and ensure prolonged lane presence. This duo excels in maintaining lane control and safety, making it a formidable choice for conservative and sustain-focused gameplay.

#3: Draven

Draven and Soraka form a dynamic and aggressive bot lane duo, contrasting sharply with more passive pairings. Draven's gameplay is fundamentally offensive, leveraging his powerful early game and high single-auto attack damage to dominate lane opponents.

From the outset, Draven commands the battlefield, drawing enemy attention and aggression. This allows Soraka to focus her healing abilities on him, enabling him to sustain through skirmishes and secure kills. Unlike champions who peak later in the game, Draven's ability to deal significant damage early on ensures that he can snowball quickly.

With Draven aggressively pushing the lane, Soraka has the opportunity to monitor the broader game, using her global ultimate to tip scales in their team's favor across the map. This duo is designed for players who favor an assertive approach, seeking to overpower and outpace their opponents from the very beginning.

#4: Vayne

Vayne and Soraka make for a potent duo in the bot lane, despite both champions being inherently fragile. Soraka's exceptional healing abilities are crucial for sustaining Vayne, who lacks inherent durability but excels in sustained damage output.

While it might seem risky to field two squishy champions against teams with strong assassins, strategic vision control by Soraka can mitigate the risk of flanks and ambushes. Vayne thrives in aggressive plays and extended skirmishes where her true damage and mobility shine.

Soraka's role transcends mere healing; her passive enhances her mobility significantly, allowing her to swiftly reposition to support Vayne as she maneuvers through team fights. This symbiosis allows Vayne to fully leverage her late-game potential, diving deep into enemy lines while Soraka ensures her survival through strategic heals and silences. This pairing demands high skill and coordination but rewards players with immense carry potential in the later stages of the game.

#5: Kai’sa

Pairing Kai’Sa with Soraka transforms the bot lane into a dynamic combat zone where Kai’Sa can aggressively engage and disengage with confidence, thanks to Soraka's exceptional sustain.

Soraka’s consistent healing from Astral Infusion allows Kai’Sa to stay healthy after her daring dives. Furthermore, Soraka’s Equinox provides crucial crowd control to deter or disrupt any retaliatory strikes from opponents, bolstering their tactical advantage in skirmishes.

With Kai’Sa’s kit designed for rapid engagement using abilities like Icathian Rain and Killer Instinct, she can commit to aggressive plays, secure in the knowledge that Soraka’s global ultimate, Wish, will provide an emergency heal if needed. This partnership excels by merging Kai’Sa's burst potential with the enduring support of Soraka, making them a formidable pair in sustained engagements.

#6: Samira

Samira thrives on diving deep into enemy formations, a high-risk strategy that demands robust support, making Soraka an ideal partner. Soraka enables Samira to unleash her full offensive prowess more freely, providing crucial healing that allows Samira to sustain through her aggressive engagements.

Crucially, while Samira’s ultimate, Inferno Trigger, delivers devastating area damage, it’s vulnerable to interruption by hard crowd control. Soraka’s Equinox (E) can preemptively silence enemies around Samira, safeguarding her during these critical moments of unleashing her ultimate. If enemies linger within the Equinox, they risk being rooted, further securing Samira's chances of a successful onslaught.

Together, Soraka’s supportive capabilities not only enhance Samira's survivability but also amplify her aggressive potential, making this duo exceptionally dangerous in coordinated team fights.

#7: Jhin

Jhin excels when paired with Soraka, as her ability to slow opponents with Starcall (Q) sets the stage for seamless follow-ups. Once Soraka lands her slow, Jhin can capitalize on the impaired enemy with his Deadly Flourish (W) to root them in place, allowing him to unleash the full power of his four-shot passive.

Soraka can further control the battlefield by placing her Equinox (E) to silence foes, extending the crowd control duration and enhancing Jhin’s ability to safely execute his high-damage fourth shot. The synergy between Soraka’s supportive spells and Jhin’s burst damage makes this duo exceptionally lethal in the early game, often securing kills with a well-coordinated attack. This combination not only locks down adversaries but also ensures Jhin can maximize his damage output during these crucial early engagements.


Pairing Soraka with the right ADC can transform the bot lane into a formidable battleground in League of Legends. Each of the ADCs discussed—Kog'Maw, Ezreal, Draven, Vayne, Kai'Sa, Samira, and Jhin—brings unique abilities that synergize effectively with Soraka's healing and supportive capabilities. Whether it's enhancing survivability, boosting damage output, or providing crucial crowd control, Soraka's presence can elevate the performance of these marksmen. By understanding and leveraging these pairings, players can significantly enhance their lane dominance and overall impact in their matches, making the most of Soraka's supportive prowess to secure victory.

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