Top 5 Best ADCs to pair with Lux in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to pair with Lux in League of Legends

Pairing the right ADC with Lux can elevate your bot lane to a powerhouse in League of Legends. This guide explores the top five ADCs that synergize perfectly with Lux's supportive and burst capabilities. These champions include Sivir, Varus, Jhin, Ezreal, and Caitlyn. Each of these ADCs enhances Lux's ability to control the lane and set up kills, thanks to their unique strengths and synergies with her crowd control and burst damage.

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#1: Sivir

Starting off our list is Sivir, an enduring favorite in the League of Legends roster. Known for her straightforward playstyle, Sivir excels when paired with Lux due to their complementary poking abilities. Sivir's boomerang blade, especially when built with lethality items, synergizes perfectly with the snare from Lux's Light Binding (Q) and the area damage from Lucent Singularity (E). This combination allows for relentless harassment in lane.

As the game progresses and Sivir accumulates Dark Harvest stacks, the duo's burst potential becomes formidable. A well-timed catch with Lux’s Q followed by her ultimate can devastate opponents, especially when Sivir’s lethal Q is thrown into the mix. This pairing can swiftly take control of the lane and pressure opponents from a safe distance, making them a formidable duo in the early to mid-game.

#2: Varus

Varus, often overlooked except during periods when lethality builds dominate the meta, shines brightly when paired with Lux in the bot lane. This Darkin archer aligns seamlessly with Lux's skillset, making them a potent duo for lane control and harassment.

Upon Lux securing a target with her Light Binding, she can capitalize with an Illumination-enhanced auto-attack. Meanwhile, her Lucent Singularity not only damages but also slows, providing Varus ample time to unleash his Piercing Arrow, followed by rapid auto-attacks to trigger his Blighted Quiver passive.

This combination excels in securing early kills against opponents caught off guard by their high damage output, setting the stage for a dominant mid-game. With the right items, Lux and Varus can decimate foes in a single rotation of their abilities. However, success with this duo hinges on precise execution of skill shots to fully exploit their burst potential.

#3: Jhin

Jhin stands out in the League of Legends ADC roster with his assassin-like burst capabilities and the unique ability to support his team from a distance with his ultimate.

As a hybrid skirmisher and marksman, Jhin requires a nuanced understanding to maximize his potential. He complements Lux's playstyle by augmenting her crowd control capabilities. Jhin's Lotus Traps slow enemies, allowing him to follow up with a Deadly Flourish to root them. Conversely, when Lux lands her Lucent Singularity, Jhin can capitalize on the slowed enemies to secure his root, compounding their crowd control for devastating effect.

This duo forces opponents to navigate a minefield of binds and slows to survive. Once caught, targets are quickly overwhelmed by the combined burst of Jhin’s critical strikes and Lux’s burst magic damage.

In team fights, Jhin and Lux excel at eliminating high-priority targets from the backline. Their ultimates synergize to pick off foes from afar, ensuring that they can contribute significantly to team victories without direct exposure to danger. This strategic interplay makes them a formidable pair in the bot lane, turning each engagement into a calculated execution.

#4: Ezreal

Ezreal and Lux form a dynamic duo in League of Legends, echoing old tales of camaraderie and magical synergy. While the romantic lore may have faded, the tactical prowess these two champions bring to the bot lane remains undeniable.

Lux, often seen as a softer version of Morgana, offers quick snares and a protective shield, which perfectly suits Ezreal's high mobility and self-sufficient playstyle. This pairing allows Lux to lean into her offensive capabilities rather than over-focusing on protective duties. Ezreal, with his innate mobility and relentless poke, harmonizes well with Lux's burst damage, making them a formidable force in early exchanges and scaling impressively into the late game.

The real magic happens when these two unleash their ultimates. Both champions boast long-range ultimates that can turn the tide of battles across the map. Whether it’s securing kills on weakened foes or tipping the scales in other lanes, their combined firepower can influence outcomes far beyond their immediate skirmish.

Ezreal and Lux share a design philosophy that emphasizes range, poke, and the ability to enhance their basic attacks through abilities, making them not just allies in lore but in gameplay as well. This synergy not only makes them a threat in lane but also versatile contributors to their team’s overall strategy.

#5: Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Lux combine to dominate the bot lane, turning it into a veritable no-fly zone for enemy champions. This pairing epitomizes lane bullying with Caitlyn's superior range and Lux's potent snares, setting the stage for relentless aggression and control.

Caitlyn boasts the longest attack range of any champion in League of Legends, allowing her to harass opponents from afar and secure kills with ease. Her ability to lay traps synergizes perfectly with Lux's Light Binding; a well-timed snare from Lux can lead Caitlyn to place a trap directly beneath an immobilized foe, setting up devastating combos that can obliterate enemies in seconds.

When Lux lands a Light Binding, it signals Caitlyn to unleash her full barrage, combining her Peacemaker and auto-attacks to maximize damage. Lux isn't just a setup artist, either; she can contribute significant burst with her own abilities, ensuring that any target caught in their crossfire is likely to fall.

In the event an enemy manages to escape the initial onslaught, Caitlyn’s precise Headshot or Lux’s Final Spark are on hand to deliver the coup de grâce. This dynamic duo not only terrorizes the early game but also accelerates Caitlyn’s scaling into late-game potency by capitalizing on early kills to secure a gold and experience lead. This strategic advantage allows them to exert pressure continuously, making Caitlyn and Lux a terror in lane and beyond.


Selecting the right ADC to pair with Lux can dramatically enhance your bot lane strategy in League of Legends. From Sivir’s synergistic poke to Caitlyn’s lethal trap and snipe combos, each ADC offers unique strengths that perfectly complement Lux’s supportive and damaging abilities. Mastering these pairings not only sharpens your bot lane dominance but also amplifies your overall impact in the game. Whether you’re climbing the ranks or just looking to optimize your gameplay, understanding and utilizing these top ADC partnerships with Lux can lead to more cohesive and victorious engagements on the Rift.

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