Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Leona in League of Legends
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Top 5 Best ADCs to Pair With Leona in League of Legends

Leona stands as one of the most formidable support champions in League of Legends, especially feared by ADCs not just for her tankiness but her overwhelming crowd control capabilities. Known for her ability to lockdown opponents for extended durations, Leona can transform any skirmish with her precisely timed CC chains and her long-range solar flare ultimate.

This combination makes her a terror in the bot lane, where she can initiate plays from afar and ensure that any ADC lacking escape mechanisms is quickly neutralized. In this guide, we will explore the top five ADCs whose abilities synergize best with Leona, enhancing her aggressive playstyle and making the most out of her lockdown potential. Let’s dive into the ADCs that form the perfect partnership with this relentless support.

#1: Caitlyn

Caitlyn and Leona form an intimidating bot lane pair, renowned for their ability to secure early kills through unparalleled crowd control and burst damage. Caitlyn's traps synergize flawlessly with Leona’s engage, allowing her to set a trap under a stunned target, effectively extending the CC duration and maximizing her burst potential.

Right from the laning phase, Leona's ability to lock down opponents with her Zenith Blade and Shield of Daybreak combo provides Caitlyn the perfect setup to land her Piltover Peacemaker and follow-up headshots. As the game progresses, their synergy only strengthens, with Leona initiating team fights with her Solar Flare from a distance, catching out key targets for Caitlyn to swiftly eliminate with her precise shots.

In late-game scenarios, this duo excels in pick-off potential. Leona’s long-range ult can snag fleeing enemies, allowing Caitlyn to finalize the kill with her Ace in the Hole. Together, they not only dominate the lane but also influence the map significantly, making them a fearsome duo for controlling enemy movements and securing objectives.

#2: Draven

Draven is a natural pairing for Leona, given his propensity for early-game aggression and his ability to capitalize on her hard engage. With his Spinning Axes (Q) ready, Draven can deliver devastating blows right from level 2, perfectly complementing Leona's penchant for early all-ins.

When Leona initiates with her Zenith Blade (E) followed by a stun from her Shield of Daybreak (Q), Draven can immediately respond with Whirling Death and Blood Rush (W), enhancing his movement and attack speed to swiftly close gaps and exploit Leona’s crowd control. This synergy allows them to dominate lane opponents and secure early advantages.

As the game progresses to mid and late stages, their combined power spikes with Leona's Solar Flare and Draven's ability to execute targets with his ultimate. Leona’s ability to lock down opponents from afar meshes seamlessly with Draven's high burst potential, ensuring that any target caught is likely to be eliminated quickly, thus bolstering their control over team fights and securing key objectives.

#3: Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune and Leona form an explosive duo with a high potential for devastating early-game engagements and lethal team fight executions. Miss Fortune's Bullet Time thrives when enemies are locked down, and Leona's suite of stuns ensures targets remain squarely in the kill zone.

The sequence typically begins with Miss Fortune softening targets using her Make It Rain to apply a slow, setting the stage for Leona to close the distance with her Zenith Blade and immobilize the enemy with Shield of Daybreak. It's crucial for Leona to manage her cooldowns and the overlap of CC effects to maximize the lockdown period, allowing Miss Fortune to unleash her full ultimate without interruption.

Coordination is key, requiring Leona to engage wisely based on Miss Fortune's readiness—watching her mana and positioning. By syncing Leona's relentless stuns with the raw output of Miss Fortune's AoE damage, they can dominate lane opponents and dictate the pace of team fights, ensuring enemies caught in their combined onslaught have little chance to escape or retaliate.

#4: Varus

Varus is an excellent choice to pair with Leona, particularly for their combined potential to execute enemies from a distance through a seamless blend of crowd control and piercing damage. Leona's initiation tools enable Varus to leverage his lethal poke and chain crowd control to devastating effect.

When Leona launches an assault with her Zenith Blade and follows up with her stun, Varus is perfectly positioned to capitalize on immobilized foes. He can unleash his Piercing Arrow, which, when fully charged and combined with a lethality-focused build, can decimate even half-health targets from afar. His ultimate, Chain of Corruption, extends the crowd control duration, ensuring that enemies remain in place long enough for a well-timed snipe.

This synergy not only allows Varus to safely contribute massive bursts of damage but also frees Leona to focus on disrupting the enemy frontline.
Together, Varus and Leona create a formidable force capable of locking down and eliminating key targets before they can react, making them a threat to be reckoned with in both laning phase and team fights.

#5: Vayne

Vayne and Leona are a duo that excels when leveraging Leona’s robust crowd control capabilities to amplify Vayne’s aggressive playstyle. With Leona initiating engagements using her Shield of Daybreak and Zenith Blade, Vayne can swiftly capitalize on these openings with her Tumble and Final Hour. This combination not only enhances Vayne's stealth tactics but also maximizes her damage output with Silver Bolts during these controlled skirmishes.

While Vayne can independently maneuver around threats with her Condemn, Leona’s presence ensures she can more safely position to execute precise strikes without immediate retaliation. Early game, the focus may lean more on safeguarding Vayne as she gears up towards her critical items. However, once Vayne reaches her item thresholds, the pair should shift to assertive lane dominance and look to dictate the pace of engagements.

This strategic interplay between Leona's lock-down potential and Vayne's burst damage makes them particularly lethal in both lane duels and larger team fights, marking them as formidable partners in climbing the ranks.


Pattlefield in League of Legends. Each of the ADCs discussed offers a unique synergy with Leona's extensive crowd control capabilities, enhancing her ability to lock down targets and create opportunities for devastating follow-ups. From Caitlyn's precise snares to Vayne's aggressive dives, selecting the right partner for Leona not only maximizes her strengths but can often dictate the flow of the game from the early phases. These pairings emphasize strategic collaboration and skillful execution, promising a dynamic and influential lane presence that can lead to a commanding victory.

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