Handleveled LoL OCE Smurf Account - 2300 MMR

Handleveled LoL OCE Smurf Account - 2300 MMR


€ 64.61

Blue Essence:




Product Description

The account includes prime gaming capsule and 20k+ with loot that can contain upwards of 50k+
This League of Legends account on the Oceania server has attained level 30 or higher. It's entirely fresh and has been leveled by our team of professional players, and are ready to be played on with no history of ranked gameplay. In addition, it comes with recovery info and lifetime warranty.

With a special bonus, amazon prime gaming capsule.
Item(s) included:
350 RP
5 Mythic Essence
Mystery Skin Permanent (Guaranteed 1350RP Skin)
200 Orange Essence
(2) Series 1 Eternals Shards
XP Boost: 30-Day
(5) Champion Shards

If you decide to acquire this account, our automated delivery system will promptly provide you with the account specifics via email, within a minute following the completion of your payment.

Why you should buy a OCE Smurf Account

The OCE server in League of Legends stands out as the best due to its highly competitive environment, fostering a community of skilled and dedicated players who consistently engage in challenging gameplay, creating an atmosphere that promotes continuous improvement and a heightened level of competition. Additionally, the server offers a vibrant and diverse player base, contributing to a rich gaming experience with a variety of strategies, playstyles, and cultural influences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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