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Discovering success in League of Legends through smurfing is a well-known trend, often witnessed when a dominating Riven or Rengar effortlessly carries games with a stellar 20/1 score. Those engaging in smurfing generally aim to showcase their superior skills and highlight how quickly they can ascend back to their main elo.
To navigate the smurfing landscape effectively, strategic thinking is paramount. Especially in the lower ELO brackets, certain patterns persist across games (from Iron to Diamond 4). For example, a substantial majority of junglers below Diamond 4 consistently kick off their games near the bot lane camp, irrespective of the game's unfolding dynamics. This predictable behavior provides you with a considerable advantage that you can capitalize on.
This guide is designed to impart the mindset essential for successful smurfing. The initial segment delves into prevalent strategies tailored for lower elos, while the latter part outlines the most suitable champions for each strategy. 


Exploiting the predictable jungle starting locations in lower ELOs offers a strategic advantage that players can capitalize on, regardless of their chosen position. Understanding that most junglers initiate their routes from the bottom buff, you can manipulate this pattern to your benefit. For full clear junglers like Lilia, Hecarim, or Karthus, expect them at their top side buff between 2:15-2:35. Conversely, ganking-oriented junglers such as Elise, Xin Zhao, or Lee Sin tend to appear around 1:50-2:15.
For early game junglers facing farming counterparts, seizing the opportunity to invade and eliminate them at their buff is a viable tactic. Ensure your lanes are pushing before executing this maneuver. If jungle gameplay isn't your forte, but you're a top laner with early shoving capability, consider venturing into the enemy top side buff area to eliminate the opposing jungler. Farming junglers often end their clears at lower health, making them susceptible to such attacks. Quick execution is crucial to avoid potential collapses from enemy lanes.
This strategy can be consistently applied in every game, significantly impacting the enemy team if their jungler falls within the first three minutes. Additionally, a derivative tactic involves evading enemy ganks during standard intervals, typically between 2:35-3:15, when the jungler is expected to transition to the top side after their initial clear. 


In lower ELOs, relying on coordinated team play can be challenging, leading to frustration. Strategies that demand teamwork, such as split pushing with champions like Tryndamere or Sion, often cause significant disruption. An intriguing alternative is the "AFK Side Lane Push" approach, exemplified by the famous 0 damage challenge, where the goal is to deal zero champion damage and still secure victory—surprisingly effective.
Executing this strategy is straightforward: head to a side lane and push the wave. After pushing the first wave from the lane's center, retreat to a bush and assess the map. Keep a keen eye on enemy positions. If more than three enemies are missing, they might be on their way to intercept you. In such cases, exercise patience before pushing another wave.
When you spot at least three enemy players on the map, confidently advance the lane towards the enemy turret. Be vigilant for opportune moments; you should find yourself in favorable 1v1 or 1v2 situations most of the time.
Champions well-suited for this strategy include Tryndamere, Fiora, Nasus, Illaoi, and even Camille (although not her optimal use, it remains a viable option)


Coordinated teamwork might be a rarity in silver games, often resembling more of a deathmatch scenario. In this chaotic environment, champions that typically struggle against crowd control (CC) find surprising strength. This strategy becomes even more potent when you're the last pick, and the enemy team lacks sufficient crowd control.
In a nutshell, follow these steps:

  • Select a formidable 1v5 champion.
  • Avoid putting yourself at a disadvantage; focus on farming and bide your time.
  • Seize the opportunity during a promising skirmish to go all-in, ensuring you conserve your summoner spells for this crucial play.
  • With a 1-0 or 2-0 advantage, repeat the process.

While it may seem straightforward, the real challenge lies in refraining from falling behind. Adopt a strategic and calculated mindset. Preserve your summoner spells for critical outplays and resist the urge to chase easy kills.
One key aspect is to avoid setbacks early in the game, especially from ganks. A premature demise or gank-related setback can disrupt your game plan, requiring patience until the enemy team makes mistakes.
In the silver elo, you can rest assured that such mistakes will occur—anticipate them and be patient!
Champion recommendations for this strategy include Master Yi, Katarina, Fiora, Yone, Kassadin, Samira, Rengar, and Vayne. 


The prevalence of cheese strategies isn't without reason—they catch opponents off guard, even if they're aware of them. Cheese comes in various forms, with invisible champions being among the most notorious. In the realm of low ELO, the adage seems to be: if they can't see it, it must not exist. Twitch takes the crown here, closely followed by Evelynn and Shaco. The classic Twitch starting red and immediately venturing for a mid-lane gank remains surprisingly effective, succeeding around 90% of the time.
Another flavor of cheese involves intentionally putting yourself at a disadvantage, relying on your champion's ability to out-damage the enemy. Warwick's barrier play on the top lane is a prime example, and champions like Kled and Illaoi also excel in this strategy.
A distinct cheese variant unfolds with the introduction of uncommon picks that prove remarkably effective when executed with precision. Ranged top laners like Heimerdinger disrupt the enemy top laner's familiar gameplay, turning them into a confined figure, unable to escape or retaliate. Embracing the cheese offers a unique and unexpected approach to gaining the upper hand.
Recommended champions: Shaco, Twitch, Evelynn, Kled, Warwick, Heimerdinger, Illaoi.


Adopting the "Just Gank Bot" strategy revolves around consistently targeting one lane, leveraging champions with reliable crowd control abilities. The primary objective is to disrupt and capitalize on the opposing player, creating a scenario where you can efficiently farm them. The bot lane, with its more vulnerable turret, becomes the prime focus for this strategy. Much like the 1v5 approach, the key is to avoid setbacks until your champion reaches its full potential, typically around level 6 for many hard crowd control ganking champions.
This strategy finds its sweet spot for Mid and Jungle players, given their proximity to the bot lane and the assortment of champions in their repertoire.
Execution is straightforward: patiently wait until reaching level 6, push your lane, and then make your way to the bot lane. Essential tools for success include pink wards and a sweeper.
In the majority of cases, players in lower ELOs might not even notice your movement into the fog of war, creating a window of opportunity for successful ganks.
Champion recommendations for this strategy encompass Lissandra, Vi, Taliyah, Twisted Fate, Sejuani, and Lilia.


Consider employing the "Wave Clear / Teamfight Strategy" when playing in tandem with a duo partner whose champion synergizes with yours. The primary objective is to select a champion capable of stalling the game by efficiently clearing waves until you reach your power spikes. Look for champions boasting AOE abilities and formidable mid/late-game potential.
Stay vigilant regarding the enemy Jungle, adopt a cautious playstyle, and swiftly transition to the mid-lane to safeguard the initial turret. Prioritize acquiring your core 2-3 items and actively seek out teamfights as you progress.
Optimal duo compositions for this strategy include partnerships like Twitch + Lulu, Kog'Maw + Lulu, Anivia + Janna, Vayne + Yuumi, and similar synergies.
Champions bringing substantial damage to the table in this context comprise Kog'Maw, Twitch, Anivia, Miss Fortune, and Viktor.
For support roles, champions like Janna, Lulu, Yuumi, and Morgana align well with the strategy's objectives.


As you gear up to hit Summoner's Rift and dominate your matches, you might be wondering why your preferred champion or role isn't highlighted on our list. In the realm of lower ELOs, the key to success lies in carrying and consistently delivering substantial damage—effectively becoming a force capable of handling 1v2s and 1v3s.
While it's entirely possible to climb the ranks using champions like Alistar in a support role, the journey might be considerably more time-consuming on average. Consequently, we wouldn't recommend this path if your win ratio holds significant importance to you. Before diving into the action, it's essential to understand the strategic considerations that align with your goals.

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