How To Play League of Legends on Linux

December 30th, 2023

How To Play League of Legends on Linux

League of Legends stands as one of, if not the most, popular games in the gaming world. Yet, a minor hurdle exists – the primary MOBA is officially tailored for Windows, leaving Linux users in the shadows. However, fear not, for there's a workaround that allows you to play LoL seamlessly on your device running the Linux OS.
To embark on your League of Legends journey on Linux, start by selecting a Linux distribution that aligns with your preferences. Following that, proceed to install Wine along with any requisite dependencies on your system. Lastly, download the League of Legends client from the official website, install it using Wine, and launch the game without encountering any hindrances.
If you're a Linux enthusiast eager to savor the excitement of the Rift, look no further. We're here to guide you through the steps on how to indulge in the world of LoL on Linux.

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How to install League of Legends on Linux

1) Selecting the Ideal Linux Distribution

The initial crucial step in your quest to play League of Legends on Linux is pinpointing the optimal Linux distribution for gaming. Although running LoL on Linux is feasible across various distributions, some offer superior support and a smoother setup tailored for gaming.
Among the prominent distributions are Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Manjaro. For the purposes of this guide, we'll hone in on Ubuntu, given its widespread recognition and ease of use.

2) Wine Installation

Enter Wine, a name familiar to every Linux user at some point in their computing journey. Wine acts as a compatibility layer, seamlessly bridging the gap between Windows applications and Linux systems. It achieves this by translating Windows API calls into POSIX calls on-the-fly, providing Linux users the ability to run a plethora of Windows software, including games.
Commencing the installation process involves opening a terminal on your Linux system. The method for accessing the terminal may vary depending on your distribution, but typically, you can find it in the applications menu or by right-clicking on the desktop and selecting "Open Terminal."
Adhering to our choice of Ubuntu for illustration purposes in this article, you can initiate the Wine installation by entering the following commands in the terminal:
sudo apt update

sudo apt install wine
These commands, tailored for Ubuntu, will ensure the installation of Wine on your system, paving the way for a smoother gaming experience.

3) Download League of Legends on Linux

Having chosen a Linux distribution and set up Wine, the next crucial step is installing League of Legends. The process mirrors that of any other device; simply visit the official League of Legends download page and acquire the Windows version of the game.
Upon completion of the download, locate the downloaded executable file, typically named "LeagueOfLegends.exe." Right-click on it and choose "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader" to kickstart the installation. Fingers crossed for a smooth patching process.
Once the installation wraps up, launch League of Legends, and optimistically, it should start without any hitches. Welcome to the Rift! Before delving into the gaming experience, consider checking out some essential aspects, such as discovering how to acquire free orange essence in League for those enticing skins!

Issues Launching LoL on Linux

In the event that your attempt to launch League of Legends on Linux encounters difficulties, there are several steps you can take to address potential issues:

Installing Additional Dependencies:

If the launch proves elusive, it's plausible that certain dependencies are missing. To rectify this, consider installing essential components using Winetricks, a versatile script designed for this purpose. On Ubuntu, acquire Winetricks with the command "sudo apt install winetricks." Subsequently, execute Winetricks and input "winetricks corefonts vcrun2022" to install crucial dependencies.

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Updating Graphics Drivers:

For optimal gaming performance, keeping your graphics drivers up to date is imperative. Depending on your graphics card, ensure the installation of appropriate drivers tailored to your Linux distribution. Proprietary drivers are often suitable for NVIDIA, while AMD commonly relies on open-source drivers.

Configuring Wine for Peak Performance:

To elevate your gaming experience, fine-tune Wine settings for optimal performance. Utilize the "winecfg" command to access the Wine Configuration panel, where you can adjust various parameters, including the Windows version, audio setup, and graphics options.
Should the Rift still elude you, these troubleshooting steps aim to pave the way for a smoother League of Legends experience on your Linux system.

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