Best Duos for League of Legends 2v2v2v2 Arena Mode

July 19th, 2023

Best Duos for League of Legends 2v2v2v2 Arena Mode

5 Best Duos in Arena Mode

Riot’s new Arena Mode is one of its latest major releases. It brings a breath of fresh air to the game: allowing 4 teams of 2 to battle against one another in a series of matches to come out victorious. As this game mode consists of 2 champions per team and is a relatively quick game, it is paramount that you pick champions that work well with one another.
Picking champions that work well together is crucial to getting quick wins and winning the game, as it doesn’t make sense to pick champions that don’t work together. At the end of the day, the enemy will pick champions that work well together, so you should too!
In this article, we will discuss 5 of the best duos you should try out in Riot’s new game mode- Arena Mode. There are a lot of good picks you can play, so don’t be afraid to try out new combinations, and let us know who you like to play!

Most Overpowered Duos in Arena Mode

  1. Samira + Rell
  2. Master yi + Taric
  3. Heimerdinger + Zyra
  4. Mordekaiser + Kha'Zix
  5. Lulu + Vayne

1. Samira + Rell

The first champion pair we suggest is the dynamic duo of Rell and Samira, a formidable combination in the League of Legends bottom lane. This pair excels thanks to their capability to layer Crowd Control (CC) effects and seize the opportunity to overwhelm opponents whenever they see fit. In this pair, Rell takes on the role of the resilient tank, while Samira is the team's principal damage dealer.
The game plan for this duo is straightforward. Rell's job is to initiate, locking down enemies with her CC abilities. Samira then capitalizes on this control by pouring on the damage, supplementing with her own CC abilities when necessary. After a sufficient number of auto-attacks, Samira can unleash her Ultimate ability, dealing substantial area-of-effect (AOE) damage to the opposition.

2. Master Yi + Taric

The combination of Master Yi and Taric was once an unstoppable force. Taric's E skill perfectly complemented Master Yi's Q ability, allowing them to launch aggressive attacks and swiftly eliminate their opponents. However, recent changes have diminished the effectiveness of this strategy. Despite this, in Arena Mode, the pair still exhibits a powerful synergy. Their individual strengths blend well, making them a formidable duo irrespective of the earlier nerfs.
Playing as Taric, your key objective is to maintain your W on Master Yi while continually engaging the enemy with auto-attacks to provide healing for both of you perpetually. Crucially, your E ability becomes much easier to land when you are tethered to Yi, further enhancing your combined offensive and defensive capabilities

3. Heimerdinger + Zyra

Heimerdinger and Zyra form a somewhat unconventional pair in League of Legends, yet they are undeniably potent in Arena Mode. Their remarkable poke abilities and the pressure they exert can often lead to securing kills against adversaries. However, this duo has a potential weakness - if enemies strategically stack Magic Resistance (MR), it can significantly diminish Heimerdinger and Zyra's lethal potential
This champion pairing demands a more measured pace compared to other combinations. Instead of charging headlong into combat, you'll want to take your time setting up Zyra's plants and Heimerdinger's turrets. Once your defensive network is established, the goal is to manipulate and manoeuvre around these plants and turrets. Engage in kiting strategies and deliver substantial damage from a safe distance

4. Mordekaiser + Kha’Zix

Kudos to the gaming community for conceiving this ingenious combo! Mordekaiser and Kha'Zix form a unique pair that exploits the benefits of Mordekaiser's Ultimate and Kha'Zix's increased damage when isolating enemies. The strategy is straightforward - Mordekaiser triggers his R ability, after which Kha'Zix seizes the opportunity to launch a full-scale attack on the isolated champion
This pairing is incredibly user-friendly, offering two distinct strategic approaches. Mordekaiser has the option of utilizing his Ultimate to either remove a bulky tank from the equation or neutralize the primary threat. Concurrently, Kha’Zix can focus on eliminating another champion, ideally one that poses minimal risk to him. The best strategy largely depends on the situation at hand and the dynamics between you and your duo partner. As the game progresses, observe, adapt, and utilize the insights gleaned from your experiences to refine your tactics

5. Lulu + Vayne

Our next potent pair hails from the bottom lane of League, featuring the combination of Lulu and Vayne. While they may not possess as much crowd control as Samira and Rell, Lulu brings a wealth of utility to ensure Vayne's survival. She has an abundance of shields at her disposal, designed to keep Vayne in the fight, enabling them to unleash havoc and pave the way to victory
Those familiar with playing Lulu understand that her role primarily involves augmenting Vayne's capabilities so she can output additional damage. Yet, your strategy may need to shift based on the composition of the enemy team. Sometimes, using Lulu's W ability on an enemy to apply crowd control can be more beneficial than casting it on Vayne, preventing foes from targeting her.


That concludes our discussion on some of the most exciting, distinctive, and powerful duos to deploy in Arena Mode. We hope you've found it enlightening and are inspired to capitalize on these champion pairings while they retain their competitive edge in Arena Mode. Your input is valued - we encourage you to share your recommended combinations in the comments section below.

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